Your Target Audience At Its Most Engaged.

The Adapex Network represents an array of vertical markets to reach your target audience at their most interested and engaged online moments.

10+ Billion Monthly impressions
200 MM+ Monthly Uniques Visitors

Network in Numbers

Our entire network delivers 200 million monthly unique visitors with 10+ billion monthly impressions, or target your reach to a specific interest or vertical.

High-quality, Targeted Traffic

High-quality, transparent traffic with the possibility to target 70-80-90% viewability campaign or geo-location down to the zip code. We can layer your 1st and 3rd party data wherever needed.

Just some of the vertical markets we offer...



everything tech

386 Million Monthly Impressions
20 Million Monthly Uniques Visitors

Health & Fitness

inspiring health and fitness information, medical news

35 Million Monthly Impressions
15 Million Monthly Uniques

Women’s Interest

family, business, entertainment news, fashion, pets

6.2 Million Monthly Impressions
50 MM Monthly Uniques


fashion, celebrity news, music news, fun and games

5.6 Billion Monthly Impressions
50 Million Monthly Uniques Visitors

Business & Finance

covering the latest news in the Business and Finance sectors

1.3 Billion Monthly Impressions
40 Million Monthly Uniques Visitors


trusted news sources with the latest stories

810 Million Monthly Impressions
20 Million Monthly Uniques Visitors

More Markets


We can also target

Sports, Automotive, Gaming and Travel enthusiasts.

Our Technology Partners

More to know…

  • Desktop, Mobile Web, In-App & Native
  • Private Auction/PMP. Preferred, Guaranteed Deals
  • Viewability Guarantees
  • High Impact Ad Units: 300×600, 970×250 and IAB Standard Units

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