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Header Bidder Solution
Custom Header Bidder Solution
  • Network agnostic with access to 30+ premium programmatic demand partners
  • Optimized Prebid with custom functionalities
  • Premium Google AdX and AdX EBDA
Automated Analytics
Automated Analytics
  • Proprietary performance, reporting and analytics suite
  • Single easy-to-use dashboard that unifies and normalizes all data to best optimize yield
  • Real time decision making power
PMP & Direct Deals
PMP & Direct Deals
  • Guaranteed deals and premium CPMs from our agency and brand partners
  • Campaign management for in-house direct deals
Quick and Easy Integration
Quick and Easy Integration
  • Seamless integration with your existing infrastructure
  • Easy to implement code with all future optimizations handled on our side
  • Responsive, ongoing, hands-on support from our experienced team
Ads Placement Optimization
Ads Placement Optimizations
  • Ad refresh rates on 5 variables
  • Dynamic ads injection
  • Viewability Optimization
Video Optimization
Video Optimization
  • Pre-roll and outstream video header bidding
  • Our player or yours, we help you maximize your fill and cpms

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