Revolutionizing Advertising Impact: Unleashing the Power of AI Excellence and 1P Data Integration for Unmatched Results

Adapex, powered by the technological prowess of its parent company Datrix, stands at the forefront of AI-driven advertising solutions. Datrix's notable collaboration with Nasdaq underscores our deep-rooted expertise in transforming raw data into actionable insights. With Adapex, advertisers gain a distinct edge, leveraging precision targeting and predictive analytics to craft campaigns that truly resonate. Explore our solutions and experience the perfect blend of AI expertise and advertising impact.

High Impact Multichannel Advertising

With Adapex, every campaign becomes a success story. Offering unmatched reach for web, mobile, CTV and in-app, our targeted network drives impactful engagements and measurable results.  

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Scale and Precision

Our network consists of over 1K publishers and 90+ monthly unique users, across every interest and target audience. Use 1P data for personalized and effective ad experiences at scale. Deepen audience understanding with rich data pools to ensure strategic and impactful ad placements.

Buyer Curated Audiences

Tailor your audience to the unique needs of your brand and campaign KPIs. We facilitate direct access to inventory with buyer-curated audiences, IAB taxonomies, and SDA, or our contextually targeted segments, including sports, technophiles, finance, health, travel enthusiasts, news & local, business professionals, and luxury shoppers.

High Impact Multichannel Advertising

Make every campaign a success story. We offer unmatched scale for display, video, mobile, CTV, and in-app, through our targeted network. Proven impactful engagements and measurable results.

Premium Inventory

Offering a vast pool of top-tier publishers in brand-safe and privacy-compliant environment. Ad placements in environments that elevate your brand, ensuring a relevant message-audience fit.

Simple Integration and Seamless Campaign Management

Why juggle multiple tools? Adapex's solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, making campaign management seamless and letting your team focus on what they do best.

Transforming Reach and Marketing Impact

Our AI-enriched targeting transforms audience reach, harnesses data potential and maximizes marketing efforts.

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