Command & Conquer: Harness the power of your first party data

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Conquering the Cookieless Challenge

As cookies fade away, DSPs, Advertisers and Publishers are left with the challenge of effectively reaching and engaging their target audiences. With limited access to user data and the inability to track individual behaviors across the web, we are left facing an uphill battle in delivering personalized and relevant advertising experiences. 

So, how can we conquer this monumental obstacle and regain our ability to effectively target audiences in a cookieless world? How do you not only survive, but actually thrive in the future?


Adapex ensures publishers thrive in the post-cookie landscape by offering direct connections to the top 20 alternative identifiers, enabling the effective use of first-party data for revenue growth. Our tools simplify transitioning to cookieless targeting, ensuring publishers have control and can easily manage their audience data.

What is Magnify?

Magnify™ brings publishers a full suite of first-party data solutions to give them the infrastructure they need to own and monetize their data. Publishers in the Adapex network have targetable audiences to offer advertisers at scale on all three levels: contextual, addressable, and identifiable. No other publisher platform brings this level of first-party data solutions.


Future-Proof Monetization: Stay Ahead of the Curve

Eliminate Overhead

Eliminate the need for multiple data platforms with our "Data-In-A-Box" system, streamlining operations and reducing overhead. A simplified, all-in-one data management solution that enhances operational efficiency.

Optimize Monetization: Empowering Publishers

Publishers now have a pivotal opportunity to reclaim control and enhance revenue by leveraging their first-party data. Utilize audience insights for targeted, privacy-compliant advertising, and capitalize on new revenue streams in a cookieless market. Adapex aids this shift with seller-defined audiences and curation services, fortifying programmatic revenue and solidifying publisher success.

Harnessing Data for Pinpoint Targeting

In today’s data-centric world, Magnify empowers you to utilize your data to its fullest potential.

Total Data Control

Customize audience segments to meet the specific needs of your publication and advertising partners.

Craft Memorable Ad Experiences

Leverage data insights to deliver ads that are not just seen but resonate with your audiences to create higher quality user experience.

Direct Access to Premium Inventory: Maximize Visibility and Reach

Build Direct Relationships

Connect with top-tier advertisers, eliminating intermediaries and enhancing ad signal clarity.

Boost Ad Visibility

Position your inventory in prime digital real estate, increasing ad performance and revenue.

Scale and Growth: Dominate the Market

Strategic Partnerships and AI-Enhanced Infrastructure

Harness the synergy of AI-driven partnerships and robust infrastructure to elevate Private Marketplace (PMP) transactions, direct deals, and data monetization strategies. Our AI-enhanced tools, particularly within Magnify, are tailored to harness smart data, propelling your operations to new heights of competitive advantage and revenue generation.

Seamless Integration for Data-Driven Growth

Effortlessly integrate first-party data to power your growth, supported by AI insights that steer product exploration and optimization. With our advanced AI capabilities at your disposal, providing a sustainable edge and paving the way for superior performance and results.

Amplify Your Reach with Magnify

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