Pioneering the Future with First-Party Data

Adapex, powered by Datrix’s renowned AI intelligence showcased on platforms like Nasdaq, is reshaping digital advertising. In a cookieless world, we bridge data challenges, offering a transformative approach. Our innovative data architecture and robust data-driven strategy empower advertisers, publishers, and DSPs. Backed by Datrix’s global AI expertise, Adapex pioneers the future of first-party data, ensuring success in the dynamic digital landscape. Be part of this transformative journey, where actionable insights and excellence redefine industry standards.

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An Innovative Data Architecture is Your Bridge to the Future

Adapex’s Magnify™ platform enables publishers to effectively utilize their first-party data for targeted advertising across contextual, addressable, and identifiable dimensions. This sets Adapex apart as the sole publisher platform providing comprehensive first-party data solutions. Through our proprietary Magnify™ platform, publishers connected to Adapex can seamlessly offer advertisers access to highly targeted audiences across these three crucial dimensions, leading to tangible revenue increases ranging from 5-20%. 

Elevating Publisher Revenue in a Post-Cookie World

Embrace the shift away from third-party cookies with Adapex by your side. Our cutting-edge solutions facilitate a direct understanding of your audience, allowing for a more refined content strategy that respects user privacy and maximizes revenue opportunities.

Crafting Engaging User Experiences with Data Insights

Unlock the power of your audience data to fuel a content strategy that captivates and retains readers. Our advanced analytics provide a clear view of user preferences, enabling you to deliver engaging content that resonates with your audience and drives ad performance.

Own Your First-Party Data

Create a robust identity spine for all your users that is 100% consent-driven and privacy-compliant.

Offer Premium Targeting at Scale

Expand your reach and enhance your market presence, leveraging our comprehensive partner network and infrastructure for significant growth in a competitive digital landscape. 1000+ publishers, 90 million+ unique IDs.

Boost Inventory Value

Utilize AI-enhanced audience data at every level: identifiable, contextual, and addressable. Seamless connection with leading identity solutions, publisher first-party IDs, MAIDs, and HEMs. Enriched bids drive CPMs, attract PMPs, and create new revenue streams.

Maximize Data Monetization Opportunities

Increase CPMs and unlock new revenue streams with cutting-edge technology. Our "Data-In-A-Box" solution eliminates the need for costly DMP and CDP overhead.

Efficiently Process and Manage Data

Our proprietary AI-enhanced system processes and securely stores the data, enabling you to generate contextual and behavioral audiences.

Transform Data into Actionable Insights

Refine content and ad strategies with audience data for a better user experience and improved ad effectiveness. Our solutions convert data into insights, enabling precision targeting and revenue growth for publishers.

Ready for the Future? Partner with Adapex and Thrive in a Cookieless World.