Adapex Custom Header Bidder Wrapper Features

The Adapex custom header bidder wrapper is unique in that it offers numerous custom features that increase revenue opportunities while also improving site performance. Our wrapper is designed for easy implementation but is sophisticated enough to allow us to perform continuous updates and improvements on our side without taxing our clients’ development teams. The Adapex wrapper comes with a full demand stack from the leading SSP networks, or is available in a white label version with full implementation support from our team of experts. We are extremely proud that our wrapper offers a level of sophistication and ease of implementation that is unmatched in the marketplace.

Wrapper Features Summary:

Primary Features:

 FeaturesBenefits & Best Practices
Primary FeaturesEasy Implementation
One single line of code in header + body tags, and the rest is handled on our side (including all optimizations, updates, and new features)
Hybrid Header Bidding
Calls for both client-side and server-to-server header bidders simultaneously to maximize demand without sacrificing efficiency and page speed.
Auto Head/Body call matchingNo more empty ad calls that hurt site ratings, nor policy flags for mismatching calls between head and body.
SPA and Infinite Scroll CompatibilityTried and tested on numerous SPA and IS sites.
Auto Device Detection
Detects the device based on screensize and then selects the corresponding set/s of ad units which are eligible to display.

Smart Refresh:

 FeaturesBenefits & Best Practices
Smart RefreshExclude Advertiser
Refresh ad unit until a specific advertiser is served. Used to exclude, ie, Adx from refreshing (to remain policy compliant). Can be applied on both Timed and Viewable refresh types.
Timed Refresh
Refresh ads after ‘x’ seconds. For ad units that you want to refresh regardless of the viewability rating (ie low viewability ad units that you want to refresh in any case.)
Viewable Refresh
Refresh ‘x’ seconds after the impression is deemed viewable. To preserve viewability ratings, refresh only once the ad unit is deemed viewable. This is measured by GAM (at least 50% of ad area displayed on screen for at least one second). At that point the refresh timer starts.
Focus Refresh
Refresh only on active window/tab. Recommended for sites with "open in new tab" functionality, or sites where users leave open a tab and switch tabs (ie games, music, real estate, etc). Can be applied on both Timed and Viewable refresh types.
Refresh on Demand
Refreshes on user interaction, eg: on Click, New Game, etc.
Maximum CountSet the maximum number of refreshes allowed. To preserve CPMs on sites with exceptionally long time on site, and therefore high refresh rates.
Maximum UnfilledRefresh until a maximum number of unfilled impressions (absolute or consecutive).

Ad Behavior:

 FeaturesBenefits & Best Practices
Ad behaviorSticky Footer
Makes the footer ad unit an adhesion unit. Highly recommended as these units have exceptionally high viewability ratings.
Dynamic Ads Insertion
Injects an ad unit to a specific location in page, according to specific rules. Eg, an ad unit can be displayed multiple times on the same page, based on content length.
Lazy Loading
Waits to load ad units until they are close to the active viewport. Eg: Ads can be called when they are 1000px from the active viewport (which is more or less 1 viewport for desktop and 1.5 viewports for mobile). Distance can be customized. Very important as it improves viewability ratings and increases site load speed.

Satisfied Clients

For years, Adapex has been our trusted partner — their experts are always there for us and feel like a part of our team. I have confidence that their techniques and products will keep our revenues growing strong. Highly recommend!

Dominick Miserandino CEO,
Working with Debra and her team has helped our monetization strategy tremendously.  We have a great relationship with Adapex, working together to maximize monetization, identify new incremental revenue opportunities and improve overall ad performance.  Adapex is very easy to work with, responsive and proactive…their technical team is always ready to work with our development team to ensure seamless integration.

We couldn’t find a better partner to work with.

Oren Vardy Co-Founder & Portfolio Manager, Landoc Holdings LTD

We’ve been working with Adapex for a while and they consistently offer great support and present new opportunities to generate more revenue every month.

Sebastien Rozen Co-Founder and CEO, Viewdeos

“The activities taken by Adapex brought VeryCreative immediately around 33% more cash than we used to have in the inventory.”

Cristi Oprea Marketing Manager,