Adapex Platform General Terms and Condition of Use



The Partner undertakes not to, either directly or indirectly: 

  1. use the Platform in any way other than those expressly set out in the Agreement;
  2. install tools or software on the Platform that are not provided or approved by Adapex;
  3. modify or attempt to modify the Platform in any way; 
  4. modify or attempt to modify in any way the content and format of the Advertisements; 
  5. place Advertisements delivered through the Platform in any location other than on the Properties, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Adapex;
  6. place on the Properties any material, in whatever manner, which contains content that is illegal or otherwise contrary to any applicable law, regulation, directive, guideline or measure, including, without limitation, any material that is misleading, fake news, morally unacceptable, obscene, defamatory, deceptive, gambling related or hateful, or content that infringes any third party’s intellectual property rights or provides access to any site containing such content;
  7. generate invalid traffic;
  8. use the Platform, or any of its components, for fraudulent or harmful purposes;
  9. send or allow the sending of personal data to Adapex;
  10. directly engage in, or encourage any third party to engage in, activities that increase visits, views or Impressions artificially through any deceptive method, or through the use of artificial or non-User-generated traffic, including, without limitation, the use of bots or automated tools, or through any other fraudulent method; 
  11. insert in any way into the Platform viruses, worms, trojan horses or other malicious computer code or otherwise interfere with or attempt to undermine the integrity or operation of the Platform; 
  12. request or display Advertisements within pop-over and pop-under windows, within or through a downloadable browser-based application, or within or through an email; 
  13. use any software application downloaded to Users’ computers to direct traffic to any website on which the Advertisements appear, unless the application has been formally approved by Adapex;
  14. conceal the real operating User or the IP address of a User; 
  15. generate requests through unsecured or misleading links or through redirections; 
  16. arrange for the display of any component (such as pop-up windows or expanding banners) that may obscure any part of an Advertisement or remove, block, or filter the Advertisements in any way or prevent or inhibit the display of any Advertisement, in whole or in part; or
  17. install any program on a User’s device or replace a User’s home page without the User’s prior express and informed consent. 

Irrespective of the Partner’s rights under the law, the Partner is prohibited from: 

  1. license or sublicense, sell, assign, distribute or otherwise commercially exploit or make available to any third party the Platform, including advertisements derived from the Platform, SDK and/or any Tag; 
  2. modify, adapt, translate, prepare or create derivative works from the Platform (including its content), Tags, other Adapex software or other documentation; 
  3. engage in reverse engineering, decompilation, disassembly or otherwise attempt to obtain source code from the Platform, Tags, other Adapex software or other documentation; 
  4. access the Platform to: (a) develop a competing product or service; (b) develop a product that uses the same ideas, features, specifications or graphics as the Platform; or (c) reproduce or reuse without Adapex’s permission any ideas, features, specifications or graphics from the Platform; or 
  5. use data mining, screen scraping or similar information gathering and extraction tools


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