Connected TV Advertising

CTV: Monetizing Your Content

With the shift of consumers from linear TV to the CTV landscape, Connected TV advertising has grown exponentially. eMarketer forecasts 2022 US CTV ad spending to be $14.10 billion and accounted for nearly $1 in $10 US programmatic display ad dollars in 2021.

Adapex understands your content monetization.

400 million

connected TV devices in US

4.1 devices

per connected TV household

This market will keep
growing and now is the time
to get your systems in place.

eMarketer projects that CTV ad spending will increase 24% YOY — and will reach $18.29 billion by 2024. And estimated that 128MM people in the U.S. watched ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) in 2021, an increase of 17.6% from 2020.

Adapex’s monetization
infrastructure is well ahead
of the curve.

CTV should be top of mind for all publishers with video content and Adapex’s monetization infrastructure is well ahead of the curve. Our platform is a highly-vetted programmatic solution. Over 800 premium publishers have implemented our tech to deliver the highest quality, premium CTV demand for their networks. Our entire platform seamlessly delivers over 20 billion impressions per month, with over 60 demand partners.

Adapex has a true header bidding solution for CTV that is part of our revolutionary tech suite. Our clients who have implemented our tech suite see double- and triple-digit growth. The CTV measurement capabilities allow for sophisticated planning and in-flight reach, frequency, and optimizations to ensure the highest ROI on all of your video content.

True OTT
Header Bidding

Unified Auction between Direct and Programmatic to drive up CPMs

Data-Driven Audience

1st & 3rd party data to increase inventory value

Campaign Management
& Optimization

Precise targeting, measuring, and reporting

Dynamic Ads

Ad-stitching and Ad-podding made easy

AI-Driven Frequency

Ensure the best UX for the best ad experience


Transparent, unified dash to see all your KPIs down to the network level

Our platform delivers
over 75 million impressions
per month across all the
major platforms.

Adapex is the experienced
partner you can trust.

The ecosystem is fractured, and you need a transparent, proven monetization strategy. Adapex is the experienced partner you can trust to help you navigate and own the whole CTV ecosystem. Our adops experts understand the audience experience, the advertiser’s needs, and the unfortunate perils that lurk in this emerging segment.

Let’s work together to optimize your revenue and build a monetization strategy for your video content.