CTV For Advertisers


With the shift of consumers from linear TV to the CTV landscape, US Connected TV advertising has grown exponentially and is expected to top $29 billion by 2024 (eMarketer).

Adapex can support all your DRTV campaign needs.

400 million

connected TV devices in US

4.1 devices

per connected TV household

CTV advertising is top of mind for marketers, and Adapex’s infrastructure is well ahead of the curve to deliver.

Our platform is well-vetted by over 800 premium publishers and has been time-tested to provide the highest quality, premium CTV demand for your campaigns.


Adapex offers multi-channel distribution of 24/7 CTV linear streaming channels across platforms and apps.

With a robust supply of high-quality, vetted distribution channels from some of the top broadcasters, Adapex is well-positioned to meet any advertiser’s budget requirements. We offer advertisers premium CTV video inventory across our exclusively managed inventory or audience extension through our direct partnerships with leading apps and platforms.

Our current platform delivers over 75 million impressions per month across all the major platforms.

Targeting and Measurement

Adapex offers extensive precision targeting that includes many custom variables. Campaign parameters can be set to meet your campaign requirements. Viewability and other performance targeting also available.

Our CTV advertising measurement capabilities already far exceed those of linear TV. Adapex is at the cutting edge of data and technology to execute sophisticated planning and in-flight reach, frequency, viewability, and optimizations.

Omnichannel Access at Scale Header Bidding

Our network of 900+ publishers spans web, mobile, and CTV for both video and audio advertising

Campaign Management & Optimization

Precise targeting, measuring, and reporting

True OTT Header Bidding

To ensure fair and transparent auctions

AI-Driven Frequency Capping

Ensure the best UX for the best ad experience

Data-Driven Audience Targeting

1st & 3rd party data to reach your relevant at the right time, right device

Brand Safety

Fraud Detection Tools

Dynamic Ads Insertion

Ad-stitching and Ad-podding made easy

Adapex covers all of your DRTV campaign needs:

Adapex offers extensive precision targeting that includes many custom variables.

With the right tech and partner, DRTV campaigns can be managed in real-time. Unlike cable and linear channels which rely on post-logs management, CTV allows for real-time reporting on ad viewability and other core KPIs. This leads to timely optimizations that directly improve ROI.

Interested in how this tool could work for your agency and campaigns? Let us give you a free demo and show you how you can successfully manage your DRTV campaigns.