Ad categories available for blocking in GAM

In order to block certain categories of ads on your website, go to GAM > “Protections” and choose the categories to block.

Here are the available categories:

Type of categoryCategorySub-category
Sensitive categoryAstrology & Esoteric
Sensitive categoryConsumer Loans
Sensitive categoryCosmetic Procedures & Body Modification
Sensitive categoryDating
Sensitive categoryDownloadable Utilities
Sensitive categoryDrugs & Supplements
Sensitive categoryGet Rich Quick
Sensitive categoryPolitics
Sensitive categoryReferences to Sex
Sensitive categoryReligion
Sensitive categorySensationalism
Sensitive categorySexual & Reproductive Health
Sensitive categorySignificant Skin Exposure
Sensitive categorySocial Casino Games
Sensitive categorySpecific to ads in English and Portuguese
Sensitive categorySpecific to ads in Japanese and Korean
Sensitive categoryVideo Games (Casual & Online)
Sensitive categoryWeight Loss
General categoryApparelApparel
General categoryApparelAthletic Shoes
General categoryApparelChildren's Clothing
General categoryApparelClothing
General categoryApparelFootwear
General categoryApparelFormal Wear
General categoryApparelHandbags & Purses
General categoryApparelJerseys & Knit Shirts
General categoryApparelJewelry
General categoryApparelMen's Clothing
General categoryApparelPlus Size Clothing
General categoryApparelShirts, Tops & Blouses
General categoryApparelSleepwear
General categoryApparelSunglasses
General categoryApparelSwimwear
General categoryApparelUnderwear
General categoryApparelWatches & Watch Accessories
General categoryApparelWomen's Clothing
General categoryArts & EntertainmentArts & Entertainment Awards
General categoryArts & EntertainmentEdgy & Bizarre
General categoryArts & EntertainmentEntertainment Industry
General categoryArts & EntertainmentEvents, Shows & Cultural Attractions
General categoryArts & EntertainmentFantasy Sports
General categoryArts & EntertainmentFilm & TV Industry
General categoryArts & EntertainmentFun & Trivia
General categoryArts & EntertainmentFun Tests & Silly Surveys
General categoryArts & EntertainmentHorror Films
General categoryArts & EntertainmentHumor & Jokes
General categoryArts & EntertainmentMovies & Films
General categoryArts & EntertainmentMusic & Audio
General categoryArts & EntertainmentMusic Streams & Downloads
General categoryArts & EntertainmentOffbeat
General categoryArts & EntertainmentRadio
General categoryArts & EntertainmentSports Event Tickets & Ticketing Services
General categoryArts & EntertainmentTicket Sales & Exchanges
General categoryArts & EntertainmentTV & Video
General categoryArts & EntertainmentTV Broadcasting
General categoryArts & EntertainmentTV Cartoons
General categoryArts & EntertainmentTV Shows & Programs
General categoryArts & EntertainmentVisual Art & Design
General categoryAutos & VehiclesBoat & Yacht Sales & Brokers
General categoryAutos & VehiclesBoats & Watercraft
General categoryAutos & VehiclesCampers & RVs
General categoryAutos & VehiclesCar Dealers
General categoryAutos & VehiclesCar Parts & Accessories
General categoryAutos & VehiclesCars & Trucks
General categoryAutos & VehiclesDriving Instruction & Driver Education
General categoryAutos & VehiclesHybrid & Alternative Vehicles
General categoryAutos & VehiclesMotor Vehicles
General categoryAutos & VehiclesMotorcycles
General categoryAutos & VehiclesUsed Motor Vehicles
General categoryAutos & VehiclesVehicle Dealers
General categoryAutos & VehiclesVehicle Parts & Accessories
General categoryAutos & VehiclesVehicle Repair & Maintenance
General categoryAutos & VehiclesVehicle Tires & Tire Parts
General categoryBeauty & Personal CareAnti-Aging
General categoryBeauty & Personal CareAntiperspirants, Deodorants & Body Spray
General categoryBeauty & Personal CareBody Art
General categoryBeauty & Personal CareFace Care
General categoryBeauty & Personal CareFeminine Hygiene Products
General categoryBeauty & Personal CareHair Care
General categoryBeauty & Personal CareHand & Body Soaps & Cleansers
General categoryBeauty & Personal CareHygiene & Toiletries
General categoryBeauty & Personal CareMake-Up & Cosmetics
General categoryBeauty & Personal CareOral Care
General categoryBeauty & Personal CarePerfumes & Fragrances
General categoryBeauty & Personal CareShampoos & Conditioners
General categoryBeauty & Personal CareShaving & Grooming
General categoryBeauty & Personal CareSkin Care
General categoryBeauty & Personal CareSpa & Medical Spa
General categoryBeauty & Personal CareTanning & Sun Care
General categoryBusiness & IndustrialBuilding Construction & Maintenance
General categoryBusiness & IndustrialBuilding Materials & Supplies
General categoryBusiness & IndustrialChemical Industry
General categoryBusiness & IndustrialCommercial & General Contracting
General categoryBusiness & IndustrialCommercial & Industrial Printing
General categoryBusiness & IndustrialDesign & Engineering
General categoryBusiness & IndustrialEnergy Industry
General categoryBusiness & IndustrialHardware Tools & Accessories
General categoryBusiness & IndustrialHVAC & Climate Control
General categoryBusiness & IndustrialOil & Gas
General categoryBusiness & IndustrialPower Tools
General categoryBusiness & IndustrialRenewable & Alternative Energy
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsAnti-Virus Software
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsBusiness & Productivity Software
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsBusiness Management Software
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsCar Audio & Video
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsComputer Accessories
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsComputer Networking Devices
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsComputer Systems & Hardware
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsComputers
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsConsumer Electronic Accessories
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsConsumer Electronics
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsEducational Software
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsGPS & Navigation
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsGraphics & Multimedia Software
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsHome Audio & Video
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsInternet Software & Web Apps
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsLaptop Computers
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsNetwork Security Software
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsPhoto Software
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsPortable Media Devices
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsProject Management Software
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsScreensavers & Digital Wallpaper
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsSoftware
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsSpeakers
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsTelevisions
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsWeb Browsers
General categoryComputers & Consumer ElectronicsWireless Devices
General categoryDining & NightlifeDine-In Restaurants
General categoryDining & NightlifeDining & Nightlife Reviews, Guides & Listings
General categoryDining & NightlifeFast Food Restaurants
General categoryDining & NightlifeNightclubs, Bars & Music Clubs
General categoryDining & NightlifePizzerias & Pizza Delivery
General categoryDining & NightlifeRestaurants
General categoryFamily & CommunityAlcohol & Substance Abuse
General categoryFamily & CommunityAnimal Rights Activism
General categoryFamily & CommunityAstrology & Horoscopes
General categoryFamily & CommunityBaby
General categoryFamily & CommunityBaby Care & Hygiene
General categoryFamily & CommunityBaby Diapering & Toilet Training
General categoryFamily & CommunityBaby Feeding
General categoryFamily & CommunityBaby, Parenting & Family
General categoryFamily & CommunityBuddhism
General categoryFamily & CommunityChristianity
General categoryFamily & CommunityDivorce & Separation
General categoryFamily & CommunityEnvironmental Activism
General categoryFamily & CommunityFaith & Belief
General categoryFamily & CommunityHinduism
General categoryFamily & CommunityIslam
General categoryFamily & CommunityJudaism
General categoryFamily & CommunityMaternity & New Parent
General categoryFamily & CommunityOccult & Paranormal
General categoryFamily & CommunityParenting & Family
General categoryFamily & CommunityPsychics & Fortune Telling
General categoryFamily & CommunityReproductive Rights
General categoryFamily & CommunityRomance & Relationships
General categoryFamily & CommunityScientology
General categoryFamily & CommunitySocial Issues & Advocacy
General categoryFamily & CommunityWork & Labor Issues
General categoryFinance401(K)s
General categoryFinanceAccounting & Auditing
General categoryFinanceAuto Financing
General categoryFinanceAuto Leasing
General categoryFinanceBanking
General categoryFinanceBrokerages & Day Trading
General categoryFinanceBusiness Finance
General categoryFinanceBusiness News & Media
General categoryFinanceBuy-To-Let Mortgages
General categoryFinanceCommercial Lending
General categoryFinanceCommercial Mortgages
General categoryFinanceCredit & Lending
General categoryFinanceCredit Cards
General categoryFinanceCredit Reports & Reporting Services
General categoryFinanceCurrencies & Foreign Exchange
General categoryFinanceDebit & Check Cards
General categoryFinanceDebt Management & Consolidation
General categoryFinanceFinancial Planning & Management
General categoryFinanceFixed Deposit Accounts & Certificates
General categoryFinanceFixed Rate Mortgages
General categoryFinanceGovernment Mortgages
General categoryFinanceGrants, Scholarships & Financial Aid
General categoryFinanceHealth Insurance
General categoryFinanceHome Equity Loans & Lines of Credit
General categoryFinanceHome Loans & Mortgages
General categoryFinanceHome Refinancing Loans
General categoryFinanceInsurance
General categoryFinanceInterest Only Mortgages
General categoryFinanceInvesting
General categoryFinanceInvestor Relations & Venture Capital
General categoryFinanceIRAs
General categoryFinanceLife Insurance
General categoryFinanceLoans
General categoryFinanceMoney Transfer & Wire Services
General categoryFinanceMutual Funds
General categoryFinanceOnline Banking
General categoryFinancePayday & Emergency Loans
General categoryFinancePersonal Lending & Borrowing
General categoryFinancePersonal Loans & Lines of Credit
General categoryFinancePrivate Banking
General categoryFinanceProperty Insurance
General categoryFinanceReal Estate Investments
General categoryFinanceRetirement Investments
General categoryFinanceSecurities
General categoryFinanceSpread Betting
General categoryFinanceStocks
General categoryFinanceStudent Loans
General categoryFinanceTax Preparation & Planning
General categoryFinanceTitle Loans
General categoryFinanceUnsecured Credit & Lending
General categoryFinanceVehicle Insurance
General categoryFood & GroceriesAlcoholic Beverages
General categoryFood & GroceriesBaked Goods
General categoryFood & GroceriesBaking Ingredients
General categoryFood & GroceriesBeer
General categoryFood & GroceriesBreakfast Cereals
General categoryFood & GroceriesBreakfast Foods
General categoryFood & GroceriesCandy, Gum & Mints
General categoryFood & GroceriesCoffee
General categoryFood & GroceriesDairy & Non-Dairy Alternatives
General categoryFood & GroceriesDesserts
General categoryFood & GroceriesEnergy Drinks
General categoryFood & GroceriesFood
General categoryFood & GroceriesFrozen Foods
General categoryFood & GroceriesJuice
General categoryFood & GroceriesLiquor
General categoryFood & GroceriesMeat & Poultry
General categoryFood & GroceriesNon-Alcoholic Beverages
General categoryFood & GroceriesOnline Grocery Shopping & Grocery Delivery
General categoryFood & GroceriesSauces
General categoryFood & GroceriesSnack Foods
General categoryFood & GroceriesSoft Drinks
General categoryFood & GroceriesSports Drinks
General categoryFood & GroceriesTea
General categoryFood & GroceriesTobacco
General categoryFood & GroceriesWine
General categoryHealthAcne
General categoryHealthAIDS & HIV
General categoryHealthAir Cleaners & Filters
General categoryHealthAllergy & Sinus
General categoryHealthAlternative & Natural Medicine
General categoryHealthAlzheimer's Disease
General categoryHealthArthritis
General categoryHealthBiotech & Pharmaceutical
General categoryHealthBlood Sugar & Diabetes
General categoryHealthCancer & Cancer Treatment
General categoryHealthChiropractors & Chiropractic
General categoryHealthCleansing & Detoxification
General categoryHealthCold Sores
General categoryHealthContact Lenses & Accessories
General categoryHealthCosmetic & Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
General categoryHealthDental Health
General categoryHealthDiets & Diet Programs
General categoryHealthDigestive Health & Disorders
General categoryHealthDrugs & Medications
General categoryHealthEating Disorders
General categoryHealthEyeglass Frames
General categoryHealthFirst Aid Supplies
General categoryHealthGene Research
General categoryHealthGeriatrics & Aging
General categoryHealthHeadache & Pain Management
General categoryHealthHealth Care Services
General categoryHealthHealth Conditions & Concerns
General categoryHealthHearing Loss
General categoryHealthHeart Health
General categoryHealthHemorrhoids
General categoryHealthHepatitis
General categoryHealthHigh Blood Pressure
General categoryHealthHigh Cholesterol
General categoryHealthHospitals & Health Clinics
General categoryHealthInfectious Diseases & Viruses
General categoryHealthLaboratory Testing & Medical Diagnostic Services
General categoryHealthLearning & Developmental Disabilities
General categoryHealthMedical Devices, Equipment & Supplies
General categoryHealthMedical Diagnostic Equipment & Monitoring Devices
General categoryHealthMedical Research
General categoryHealthMen's Health
General categoryHealthMental Health
General categoryHealthMental Health Services
General categoryHealthMobility Equipment & Accessories
General categoryHealthMulti-Vitamins
General categoryHealthNeurological Conditions
General categoryHealthNutrition & Dieting
General categoryHealthOrthopedics & Sports Medicine
General categoryHealthPharmacy
General categoryHealthPhysical Rehabilitation
General categoryHealthPlastic Surgery
General categoryHealthProfessional Health Care Education
General categoryHealthProfessional Medical Resources
General categoryHealthSkin Conditions & Skin Health
General categoryHealthSmoking & Smoking Cessation
General categoryHealthSports Nutrition Supplements
General categoryHealthVision
General categoryHealthVision Services
General categoryHealthVitamins & Supplements
General categoryHealthWarts
General categoryHealthWeight Loss Drugs & Medications
General categoryHealthWeight Loss Products
General categoryHealthWeight Loss Supplements
General categoryHealthWellness Therapy & Massage
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureAction & Platform Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureAction Figures
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureAdventure Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureAncestry & Genealogy
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureAntiques & Collectibles
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureArcade & Coin-Op Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureArts & Crafts
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureBoard Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureBuilding Toys
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureCamping & Outdoor Recreation
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureCard Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureCasual Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureChildren's Dolls, Dress-Up Toys & Costumes
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureChildren's Games & Activities
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureClimbing
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureComputer & Video Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureCooking
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureCuisines
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureDigital Cameras
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureDriving & Racing Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureEducational Toys
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureFamily & Children's Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureFiber Craft
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureFlea & Tick Control Products
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureGames
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureGarden Structures
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureGardening
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureHiking
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureLeisure Gambling
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureMassive Multiplayer Online Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureMulti-tools & Pocket Knives
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureMusic & Dance Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureOnline Games & Puzzles
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisurePet Breeding
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisurePet Food & Supplies
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisurePet Food & Treats
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisurePet Medications
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisurePets & Animals
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisurePhoto & Video
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisurePhoto & Video Accessories
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisurePhotographic & Digital Arts
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisurePoker & Casino Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisurePrizes & Competitions
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisurePuzzles & Brainteasers
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureRadio Controlled Toys & Accessories
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureRecipes
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureRoleplaying Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureShooter Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureSimulation Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureSports Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureStrategy Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureSweepstakes, Product Promotions & Giveaways
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureToys
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureToys & Games
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureTrees, Plants & Shrubs
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureVideo Cameras & Camcorders
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureVideo Game Consoles
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureVideo Games, Consoles & Accessories
General categoryHobbies, Games & LeisureWord Games
General categoryHome & GardenAir Fresheners & Deodorizers
General categoryHome & GardenDish Detergents
General categoryHome & GardenFood Wraps & Food Storage
General categoryHome & GardenHome Appliance Service & Repair
General categoryHome & GardenHome Decor & Interior Decorating
General categoryHome & GardenHome Furniture
General categoryHome & GardenHome Heating & Cooling
General categoryHome & GardenHome Improvement & Maintenance
General categoryHome & GardenHome Safety & Security
General categoryHome & GardenHousehold Cleaning Products
General categoryHome & GardenHousehold Supplies
General categoryHome & GardenKitchen & Dining
General categoryHome & GardenLaundry Detergents
General categoryHome & GardenLights & Lighting
General categoryHome & GardenMajor Kitchen Appliances
General categoryHome & GardenMattresses
General categoryHome & GardenOutdoor Cooking Equipment & Accessories
General categoryHome & GardenPaper Towels & Household Paper Products
General categoryHome & GardenPest & Weed Control
General categoryHome & GardenResidential Cleaning
General categoryHome & GardenVacuum Cleaners & Accessories
General categoryHome & GardenWashers & Dryers
General categoryHome & GardenWater Filters
General categoryHome & GardenYard, Garden & Patio
General categoryInternet & TelecomCable TV
General categoryInternet & TelecomDomain Names & Domain Name Registration
General categoryInternet & TelecomEmail & Messaging
General categoryInternet & TelecomInternet & Online Services
General categoryInternet & TelecomInternet Service Plans
General categoryInternet & TelecomMobile Phone Plans
General categoryInternet & TelecomMobile Phones
General categoryInternet & TelecomMobile Phones & Accessories
General categoryInternet & TelecomPeople Search
General categoryInternet & TelecomPhone Plans
General categoryInternet & TelecomRSS Feeds & Aggregators
General categoryInternet & TelecomSatellite TV
General categoryInternet & TelecomSocial Networks & Online Communities
General categoryInternet & TelecomTelephony
General categoryInternet & TelecomWeb Design & Development
General categoryInternet & TelecomWeb Hosting
General categoryInternet & TelecomWeb Portals
General categoryJobs & EducationColleges, Universities & Post-Secondary Education
General categoryJobs & EducationGraduate Programs
General categoryJobs & EducationJob Listings
General categoryJobs & EducationLanguage Education
General categoryJobs & EducationMusic Education & Instruction
General categoryJobs & EducationOnline Education & Degree Programs
General categoryJobs & EducationStandardized & Admissions Tests
General categoryJobs & EducationTraining & Certification
General categoryJobs & EducationTutoring Services
General categoryJobs & EducationVocational Training & Trade Schools
General categoryLaw & GovernmentAttorneys & Law Firms
General categoryLaw & GovernmentImmigration Law
General categoryLaw & GovernmentLegal
General categoryLaw & GovernmentMilitary
General categoryLaw & GovernmentPublic Services
General categoryLaw & GovernmentPublic Utilities
General categoryMobile App UtilitiesBattery Management Apps
General categoryMobile App UtilitiesFile Manager Apps
General categoryMobile App UtilitiesFlashlight Apps
General categoryMobile App UtilitiesLocation Tracking Apps
General categoryMobile App UtilitiesMobile Screen & App Locks
General categoryMobile App UtilitiesMobile System Management Apps
General categoryMobile App UtilitiesMobile Task & App Management
General categoryMobile App UtilitiesNetwork Connectivity Apps
General categoryNews, Books & PublicationsAudio Books
General categoryNews, Books & PublicationsBook Retailers
General categoryNews, Books & PublicationsBooks & Literature
General categoryNews, Books & PublicationsCelebrities & Entertainment News
General categoryNews, Books & PublicationsE-Books
General categoryNews, Books & PublicationsNewspapers
General categoryNews, Books & PublicationsPublic Records
General categoryNews, Books & PublicationsReference Materials & Resources
General categoryNews, Books & PublicationsTranslation
General categoryNews, Books & PublicationsWeather
General categoryOccasions & GiftsCards & Greetings
General categoryOccasions & GiftsFlower Arrangements
General categoryOccasions & GiftsFunerals & Bereavement
General categoryOccasions & GiftsGifts
General categoryOccasions & GiftsHalloween & October 31st
General categoryOccasions & GiftsHolidays & Seasonal Events
General categoryOccasions & GiftsParties & Party Supplies
General categoryOccasions & GiftsSpecial Occasions
General categoryOccasions & GiftsWeddings
General categoryReal EstateProperty Development
General categoryReal EstateReal Estate Agents & Brokerages
General categoryReal EstateReal Estate Listings
General categoryReal EstateRelocation & Household Moving
General categoryReal EstateRental Listings
General categorySports & FitnessAirsoft Equipment
General categorySports & FitnessAmerican Football
General categorySports & FitnessBaseball
General categorySports & FitnessBasketball
General categorySports & FitnessBicycles & Accessories
General categorySports & FitnessBoating & Water Recreation
General categorySports & FitnessCombat Sports
General categorySports & FitnessFishing
General categorySports & FitnessFitness
General categorySports & FitnessFitness Classes & Instruction
General categorySports & FitnessGolf Equipment
General categorySports & FitnessGyms & Gym Memberships
General categorySports & FitnessHockey
General categorySports & FitnessHunting & Shooting
General categorySports & FitnessPersonal Training
General categorySports & FitnessSoccer
General categorySports & FitnessSporting Goods
General categorySports & FitnessSports
General categorySports & FitnessSports & Fitness Apparel
General categorySports & FitnessSports Equipment Rental Services
General categorySports & FitnessSports Fan Gear & Apparel
General categorySports & FitnessSports Team Jerseys
General categorySports & FitnessWinter Sports
General categoryTravel & TourismAccommodations
General categoryTravel & TourismAir Travel
General categoryTravel & TourismAirline Tickets, Fares & Flights
General categoryTravel & TourismBus & Rail Services
General categoryTravel & TourismBus Services
General categoryTravel & TourismCar Rental Services
General categoryTravel & TourismCruises & Cruise Services
General categoryTravel & TourismHotels
General categoryTravel & TourismHotels, Motels & Resorts
General categoryTravel & TourismLast Minute Travel
General categoryTravel & TourismLuggage
General categoryTravel & TourismRail Services
General categoryTravel & TourismResorts
General categoryTravel & TourismSpecialty Travel
General categoryTravel & TourismTaxi Services
General categoryTravel & TourismTheme Parks
General categoryTravel & TourismTourist Attractions & Destinations
General categoryTravel & TourismTransportation & Excursions
General categoryTravel & TourismTravel Booking Services
General categoryTravel & TourismTravel Media & Publications
General categoryTravel & TourismVacation Packages
General categoryTravel & TourismVacation Rentals

Satisfied Clients

For years, Adapex has been our trusted partner — their experts are always there for us and feel like a part of our team. I have confidence that their techniques and products will keep our revenues growing strong. Highly recommend!

Dominick Miserandino Former CEO,
Working with Debra and her team has helped our monetization strategy tremendously.  We have a great relationship with Adapex, working together to maximize monetization, identify new incremental revenue opportunities and improve overall ad performance.  Adapex is very easy to work with, responsive and proactive…their technical team is always ready to work with our development team to ensure seamless integration.

We couldn’t find a better partner to work with.

Oren Vardy Co-Founder & Portfolio Manager, Landoc Holdings LTD

We’ve been working with Adapex for a while and they consistently offer great support and present new opportunities to generate more revenue every month.

Sebastien Rozen Co-Founder and CEO, Viewdeos

The entire Adapex team has quickly become key players in our overall revenue optimization strategy. They’re fast, responsive, proactive, and most importantly good at what they do. I am beyond happy I made the decision to make the change to Adapex.

Asad Meah CEO & Founder, Awaken the Greatness Within

“Adapex more than doubled our programmatic revenue year-over-year. This fact speaks for itself; what I would like to call out is the exceptional level of attention and support that they provide to their clients. It would be a true challenge to find a more responsive or knowledgeable team anywhere in the industry.”

Allen Weiss Senior Developer, Sweety High