Magma Malware Tracking Tool

Using Magma to Stop Bad Ads

Though we use scanning technologies, sometimes bad ads still get through.  These problematic creatives are malware set up by fraudulent buyers (which have affected most DSPs, SSPs, and Google at one time or another) and are usually registered under a different URL. The issue must be blocked at the source with the original URL, Buyer name or ideally the creative ID.   Adapex has created a specific tool within Magma, our on-page console, to help grab the necessary info to get these ads blocked asap.  Please follow the steps below, and send your findings to with your dedicated Account Manager in copy.

To enable, Magma, simply append your site url with ?magma=true and from that moment (for a period of 1h) all the information about ads serving will be captured for for all pageviews.  The overlay on the creative will show the (Network) ID which served the bad ad, along with the Advertiser ID.  With this info the Adapex team can go directly to the offending networks and block the ads.

Alternatively, sign into Matrix and to and share the ID found in the upper right corner with with your dedicated Account Manager in copy.  



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