Tipalti FAQs

Please note that Adapex is unable to provide tax advice. Any tax-related information posted on this FAQ is not intended and should not be construed as tax, legal or investment advice. If you have questions about tax-related issues, please consult with a tax professional.

1. Who can I contact for questions on how to complete payment registration?

Tipalti has a number of standard FAQs that should answer most of your questions. If those FAQs and the FAQs here don’t answer your question please reach out to us and we’ll get everything taken care of.

2. Who is Tipalti?

Tipalti is considered to be one of the world’s most powerful professional payment platforms and is designed to help improve your experience receiving payments from Adapex.

3. How do I access the portal to complete the registration information?

You will be provided with a one-time link to complete the registration process. The link is good for 7 days, but if expired, please contact us and we will provide another. The entire process to update your details should take less than 10 minutes.

4. Why am I receiving multiple requests to update details?

For our publishers partners that have more than one account that we pay separately, you will receive multiple emails. Please note, that if you try to utilize the same email address for multiple accounts, you will get an error, as we need to have a single separate email address for each account. 

5. Do I need to complete the entire registration process in one instance?

Nope. There are three sections to complete for the payment registration, each of which can each be completed and saved separately.

For each section, once you click next, the information is automatically saved so you can complete each section at different times. For the address section, there is address validation, so after you click next, you may need to scroll up to the top of the screen to accept the address before moving forward.

6. What to do if my contractual currency is not available?

The default currency is the local currency of your payment country. If you wish to receive in $ or another currency, please select that option.

7. What to I do if the Beneficiary Bank Name for payment does not match Company Name?

Tipalti only permits payments to be made to either “Name” or “Company”. However, there may be reasons that you have a Beneficiary Name on your bank account that differs from your Company Name. If this is the case, please contact us so we can help you out.

8. What do I do if my bank account is another country than my company address?

When you are completing step one of the registration process under address, please select at the bottom a different Payment Country as shown in the screen shot. If this section is not available, please contact us.

9. Why do I have to complete tax forms in order to receive payment?

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires us to obtain tax forms. Although we may have received them in the past or even very recently, we need to obtain them again given the new system. We will not be able to remit payment any longer without a completed tax form. We are not able to make any exceptions to our clients.

10. Which tax form should I complete?

Tipalti offers an online wizard that will assist you with determining which tax form to complete. We expect our US based publishers to complete a W-9 and our publishers based outside of the US to complete a W-8BEN-E.

11. How do I complete a W-8BEN-E?

There are various screens to complete:

  • Part 1 (Identification of Beneficial Owner): Complete name and address information.
  • Part 1 (Identification of Beneficial Owner (Continued)): Input your Foreign Tax Number provided by your country. It is not expected that you will have a US Tax Number.
  • Part 2: (Claim of Treaty Benefits): Complete the questions and also select claim special rates and conditions to certify 0% withholding if appropriate.

  • Review: Review the information for accuracy.
  • Part 3 (Certification): Check all the boxes to confirm. Please note Line 1= Name of Organization

12. What should I do if I need to update my address or bank information after I completed the registration?

You can simply log back into Tipalti and update your information under the following link:


For some address changes, it may invalidate your bank and tax forms, but you will be alerted in advance. If this does invalidate that information, you can simply update your information again.

Thanks and hope you enjoy payments through Tipalti!

Satisfied Clients

For years, Adapex has been our trusted partner — their experts are always there for us and feel like a part of our team. I have confidence that their techniques and products will keep our revenues growing strong. Highly recommend!

Dominick Miserandino Former CEO, Inquisitr.com
Working with Debra and her team has helped our monetization strategy tremendously.  We have a great relationship with Adapex, working together to maximize monetization, identify new incremental revenue opportunities and improve overall ad performance.  Adapex is very easy to work with, responsive and proactive…their technical team is always ready to work with our development team to ensure seamless integration.

We couldn’t find a better partner to work with.

Oren Vardy Co-Founder & Portfolio Manager, Landoc Holdings LTD

We’ve been working with Adapex for a while and they consistently offer great support and present new opportunities to generate more revenue every month.

Sebastien Rozen Co-Founder and CEO, Viewdeos

The entire Adapex team has quickly become key players in our overall revenue optimization strategy. They’re fast, responsive, proactive, and most importantly good at what they do. I am beyond happy I made the decision to make the change to Adapex.

Asad Meah CEO & Founder, Awaken the Greatness Within

“Adapex more than doubled our programmatic revenue year-over-year. This fact speaks for itself; what I would like to call out is the exceptional level of attention and support that they provide to their clients. It would be a true challenge to find a more responsive or knowledgeable team anywhere in the industry.”

Allen Weiss Senior Developer, Sweety High