Mass Reach. High Impact.
Real Results. One Buy.

We Understand Your Challenges:

Lack of Visibility Over
Inventory and
Difficulties Maximizing
your investment.
Siloed Media Buying
Practices- which
Limited Access to
Media Buying Intelligence.
Is it working???

We Solve Your Challenges:

Stand Out in the
Crowded Ecosystem
  • Engaged Audiences, Quality Traffic
  • Hit Ideal Audience (No waste) 
  • High Impact Experiences
One Stop Shopping
Maximized Efficiency,
Access High Quality Traffic
  • Single buy delivers target audience across a network of unique, niche properties
  • Easily implement complex campaign buys
Drive Results
  • Interactivity, Engagement
  • Branded Content with Mass: Embedded, Visible
  • Purchase-Intent Environment
Monitor Campaign
Intelligence in Single
  • Rich Media and High Impact Units - adhesion - expansion - interstitial and more
Easily Tracked and Optimized to
Ensure Campaign is Working
  • Single buy delivers target audience across network of unique, niche properties
  • Easily implement complex campaign buys
Scaled Reach
  • Web
  • CTV
Precise 1st and 3rd
Party Targeting
  • No matter your audience, we will reach them at scale!

The Adapex Direct
Unique Value

Stand out from a crowded digital ecosystem by engaging audiences and driving results.

Providing experiences in unison to make sure every ad dollar is working for your brand.

Interactive, engaged audiences.
Ad units are seen and performance is tracked.
No wasted ad dollars.
It really can be that easy.

Foundations of a Successful Campaign

  • A successful campaign requires quality traffic and conversion
  • The whole world has moved online…brands must follow to engage customers
  • More than ever consumers want information about the brands they support and they want to engage with them
  • As consumer optimism rises, so will brand engagement
Drive Traffic
  • Adapex Publishers have engaged, trusted relationships with users
  • Highly engaged, multiple pages visited
  • High consumption
Connect with the Viewer
  • Trusted environment
  • Seeking information
  • Niche sites with targeted content
Engage, Inform, Convert
  • Deliver message when consumer attentive
  • Display, video, and rich media formats for impact
  • Key features to drive results

Our Mission

A targeted network of engaged readers delivering scale, vertical reach, and digital engagement.

We help clients efficiently find their target audience.

20+ Billion Monthly Impressions
450 MM+ Monthly Visits

Adapex Advantage

Customizable packages based for any vertical
One stop shopping
Reach consumers when they are engaging with content they seek in a trusted environment
Targeted sites with valuable audiences and specific content
Rich media units only available through direct deals that are high-impact and high CTR
All bundled together to deliver unparalleled reach and scale

All Formats and Devices

  • Standard IAB
  • Desktop, Tablet, Mobile web, in-app & CTV
  • Rich Media
  • Video
  • Native


google certified publisher partner
70-80-90% viewability campaign

All Formats and

Looking to target by Geo, Vertical, or Performance… 

Let us customize a package for you.

Stand Out in the Crowded Ecosystem

everything tech


fashion, celebrity news, music news, fun and games

Business & Finance

covering the latest news in the Business and Finance sectors

Health & Fitness

inspiring health and fitness information, medical news

A network of niche sites with high
value traffic.

Just a few brands we work with…
We exceed expectations.