Adapex Has True In-App Header Bidding

Designed specifically for mobile apps

Skyrocket your In-App Revenue.

Get the most from your in-app monetization with a header bidding solution designed specifically for mobile applications. Adapex is one of the first companies in our space to have a true Header Bidder In-App solution. Our clients using this tech are seeing uplifts in revenue of between 60-200% in a short period of time.

With over 40 demand partners built into our plug-and-play, easy-to-implement solution, we will skyrocket your in-app revenue.

The m4 Tech Suite™

It all starts with the right setup and the best tech. The Adapex m4
Tech Suite™ offers a comprehensive solution that gives you all the
tools you need to maximize your in-app revenue.

Custom wrapper
Onpage console
Identity Axis

In-app advertising grew 226% over last year,
and is expected to exceed $225 Billion in 2025.

Make sure you’re getting your share of in-app revenue growth.

With the explosive growth in mobile advertising and consumption of mobile apps and games, Adapex launched a fully functioning in-app header bidder solution to optimize yield for this channel.


Our in-app clients see a 42-620% increase in revenue when upgrading to header bidding.

Maximize fill and revenue.

We offer every ad type to maximize fill and revenue while balancing user experience.

Ad Format
Adapex Header Bidding
Banner 320x50, 320x100, 728x90, 300x250
In Banner Video 300x250
Rewarded Video
Interstitial: Display and Video
Dual Display + Video Bidding
40+ Demand Partners

Just some of our
40+ Demand Partners:

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