m4 Tech Suite™

Adapex Best-in-Class
Technology Suite

The m4 Tech Suite™
Your Competitive Edge.

Our award-winning m4 Tech Suite™ provides all the tools you need to optimize your site and drive revenue. No other programmatic technology compares to our performance-focused suite of products.

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Proprietary & first-to-market unified analytics platform, collecting and normalizing data from various demand and analytics sources in a single, transparent dashboard.


Header Bidding

  • Easy to implement, yet ultra sophisticated in terms of optimizations and performance.
  • Aimed at improving site performance KPIs and revenues overall.
  • Plug-and-play compatibility across sites of all sizes, shapes and audiences.
  • Plus dozens of additional features, and in constant update and evolution.


Onpage Console

Reports on
  • Ads behavior
  • Bidding info
  • Bad Ads tracking
  • CMP monitoring
  • …and more


Identity Axis

Audience addressability is key to enabling advertisers to target their campaigns. Through Magnify, publishers are automatically connected to the leading identity solution providers, thereby attracting premium campaigns and higher CPMs.

Network Agnostic

Adapex has partnered with the leading identity solution providers including Liveramp, ID5, UID 2.0, Criteo, Britepool and more.

Auto Connection

No need for contracts, paperwork, or tech action. We have taken care of it all for you already.

Increased CPMs

On addressable traffic we are seeing CPMs of 60+% across all sites.

Double and Triple-Digit Uplifts

We’ve been measuring the uplifts in performance metrics for our clients’ sites since the adoption of our m4 Tech Suite™ and all have reported 11-500% lifts in RPS and CPM ranging from 42%-175%.  The results for our new clients particularly stand out, whether they were previously managing adops on their own or worked with a competitor.


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