Adapex’s Header Bidding Solution Transforms’s Monetization Strategy

Our case study highlights, a dedicated fan site for the Premier League soccer team, Newcastle United. This established platform provides comprehensive coverage of news, match updates, and club discussions, keeping fans engaged with timely content and a user-friendly interface. From match highlights to player transfers and managerial changes, is the go-to destination for fans seeking the latest developments.

Solution, the premier fan site dedicated to Newcastle United, had a thriving community and impressive traffic numbers. However, despite its popularity, the site faced challenges in maximizing revenue. There were three areas of concern: not reaching monetization potential given size of site; need for optimized page ad layouts; and low mobile CPMs. Despite working with another header bidding provider, sought a solution to address its revenue optimization needs better.

Enter Adapex. Recognized for its expertise in maximizing monetization strategies and leveraging cutting-edge technology, Adapex was the natural choice for With a proven track record of delivering results, Adapex offered the expertise and solutions needed to overcome’s revenue challenges. By implementing Adapex’s innovative header bidding solution, was able to unlock new revenue streams, optimize ad placements, and elevate its overall monetization strategy. Through collaboration with Adapex, addressed its revenue concerns and positioned itself for sustained growth and success in the competitive digital landscape.

To address the monetization challenges faced by, Adapex immediately deployed our cutting-edge suite of products, Merlin™, our bespoke header bidder wrapper, and Magnify™, our powerful identity and data connector.

Conducting a thorough site audit laid the foundation for an optimized ad roadmap, crafted to prioritize viewability and enhance page layout. This strategic overhaul was instrumental in maintaining the integrity of the user experience and ensuring that ads were not disrupting the browsing experience. 

Lastly, we seamlessly integrated our Data Refinery solution to enhance performance specifically on mobile traffic.  This allowed NUFC to leverage first-party data to offer cookieless targeting to yield better results and higher CPMs.

These tailored strategies led to immediately improve monetization outcomes while enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.


The latest performance metrics of the platform reflect a significant transformation in its monetization strategy, showcasing notable improvements across various key indicators in just a few weeks.  Results are also notable as they were measured in Q1, a traditionally slower advertising period.  

  • CPM +56%
  • RPS +700%
  • RPM  +190%
  • Impressions per PV: +250%
  • Overall Monthly Revenue +560%

“Adapex has truly exceeded our expectations. Their expertise and commitment to optimizing our monetization strategy has delivered remarkable results in a very short time. With their innovative solutions and personalized approach, we’ve witnessed a significant surge in revenue, surpassing our initial projections. Adapex’s team not only delivered exceptional results but also demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and challenges, and how to fix them. We are incredibly pleased with the partnership and look forward to continued success together.”

Niall McKenzie, Owner,


Client feedback


Client feedback

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