Alliance with Adapex Leads to Improved Monetization Metrics


Awaken The Greatness Within came to Adapex looking to improve their monetization revenues. The client wanted to ensure they were getting good value for their high-quality content, loyal readers, and numerous engaged followers. They had been working with an ad-ops company but were dissatisfied with their results. 

Additionally, they didn’t have the development capabilities in-house to implement complicated technology solutions for “smarter monetization.” Therefore, they were apprehensive about undertaking any advancements that would tax their development team. Most of the ads on Awaken The Greatness Within website were hardcoded, which meant that a lot of money was left on the table.  


The first thing the Adapex team did was to demonstrate to the client the simplicity and easy implementation of our custom header bidder wrapper solution. We also assured them that a key part of the partnership was that Adapex provides technical know-how and heavy lifting.  

After implementing our customized wrapper, we worked with the client to improve their page layout and ad units. We suggested new sizes for the existing placements and added new placements where we saw the underutilized spaces. The optimizations included adhesion units, side by side, in-content units, and smart refresh, all of which improve viewability and more importantly, Revenues per Session (RPS).  

Last but not least, thanks to the custom header bidding technology and numerous premium SSPs that Adapex works with, the client’s inventory was now made available to serious advertisers who are willing to pay well for exposure next to genuine, attractive content and to such engaged audiences. Adapex, through its partnership with DSquared Sales, was able to quickly secure some lucrative direct deals for Awaken The Greatness Within.

Results + Benefits

The client was extremely pleased with the ease of implementation for the custom wrapper and appreciative of the technical expertise from the Adapex team. Just a single line of code in the header and Adapex was able to perform all the optimizations on our side, without ever having to bother the client for adjustments. In just a few months, they are seeing improved metrics with CPMs up 60%, impressions per pageview up 24%, and Revenues per Session (RPS) up 100%.


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