Case study

Adapex Helped Wedding Sites Grow Revenue Amid COVID Cancelations


When COVID hit, weddings were canceled and travel, bridal, and honeymoon marketers pulled their advertising and left Wedding sites scrambling to find ways to protect their revenue.  The direct deals that commanded much of the inventory were canceled and CPMs were dropping due to lack of demand.  Adapex worked with several of our Wedding sites to find solutions to generate revenue.

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The Adapex team worked closely with our Wedding sites to optimize their page layouts and ad sizes, including adding mobile units.  We also tested some rich media formats which command higher CPMs and deliver higher conversion rates.  Smart refresh was enabled to increase volumes and lazy loading was employed to improve fill and viewability.



Despite that the bridal market was one of the hardest hit due to COVID, Adapex was able to help our Wedding sites improve their revenue.  Using the tactics described above, these sites increased Revenue per Session (RPM) by as much as 130%, resulting in double-digit revenue growth across the board between May 2020 and May 2021.  The Wedding sites in the Adapex network were able to weather the decrease in CPMs (due to lack of direct deals) and experience revenue gains. All of our sites saw uplifts.  

Wedding Site #1 – Triple Digit Growth

  • RPM +136%
  • RPS +110%
  • CPM +121%

Wedding Site #2

  • RPM +23%
  • RPS +25% 
  • Revenue +38% 

Wedding Site #3

  • Fill +94%
  • Viewability +78%
  • RPS +45%
  • Revenue  +69%

About Adapex

Adapex was one of the first companies to dig into digital advertising operations and partner with publishers to simplify and optimize monetization. The Adapex award-winning m3 Tech Suite™ monetizes content across all channels and ad formats — desktop, mobile, CTV, in-app, video, native, rich media, and more. The combination of our revolutionary tech and our team of experienced adops professionals has led to 40-500% revenue growth for our publisher partners. To get the best results you need to have the best products and service on the market.  Adapex delivers double-digit revenue growth to our publisher partners…year after year.  Based in New York City, Adapex also has offices in California and London.

Satisfied Clients

For years, Adapex has been our trusted partner — their experts are always there for us and feel like a part of our team. I have confidence that their techniques and products will keep our revenues growing strong. Highly recommend!

Dominick Miserandino Former CEO,
Working with Debra and her team has helped our monetization strategy tremendously.  We have a great relationship with Adapex, working together to maximize monetization, identify new incremental revenue opportunities and improve overall ad performance.  Adapex is very easy to work with, responsive and proactive…their technical team is always ready to work with our development team to ensure seamless integration.

We couldn’t find a better partner to work with.

Oren Vardy Co-Founder & Portfolio Manager, Landoc Holdings LTD

We’ve been working with Adapex for a while and they consistently offer great support and present new opportunities to generate more revenue every month.

Sebastien Rozen Co-Founder and CEO, Viewdeos

The entire Adapex team has quickly become key players in our overall revenue optimization strategy. They’re fast, responsive, proactive, and most importantly good at what they do. I am beyond happy I made the decision to make the change to Adapex.

Asad Meah CEO & Founder, Awaken the Greatness Within

“Adapex more than doubled our programmatic revenue year-over-year. This fact speaks for itself; what I would like to call out is the exceptional level of attention and support that they provide to their clients. It would be a true challenge to find a more responsive or knowledgeable team anywhere in the industry.”

Allen Weiss Senior Developer, Sweety High