Case study

Revenue Surges with Adjustments to Page Layout

Voice of Motown

voice of motown


Voice of Motown came to Adapex with lagging revenue and looking for a better partnership to help them grow their site performance and income. They were looking to ramp up their monetization efforts and needed strategic guidance to improve CPMs, viewability, and overall site performance.  Voice of Motown is a Sports site providing the latest news from West Virginia. 


IAB Category: 17 Sports

Monthly Visits: 760,000

Category Rank: 3208


After a thorough site audit, the Adapex team worked closely with the publisher to make some adjustments to the site layout to improve viewability and ad performance.  In addition, we updated their technology to include Merlin™, our custom header bidding wrapper, and enabled 20+ features, tailored specifically to the site layout and user interactions.  Next, we set up a video ad unit, which they previously had not been able to successfully set up.  Aiming to increase viewability to command higher CPMs, side by side ad units were added and mobile units shifted higher on the page. Additionally, the high-performing 728×90 unit was moved to above the share button to ensure higher viewability performance.   

Adding the video ad unit led to a significant revenue uplift due to high CPMs for video inventory, particularly in the Sports vertical. We were able to secure direct sports video PMPs which are bringing in super-premium CPMs. We tested over 25 demand partners with both client and server-side (hybrid header bidding) which greatly increased competition, driving up CPMs and fill, thus the overall revenues per session.


Voice of Motown has seen incredible results across all KPIs as a result of the improved page layout and optimized ad units.  After just six months working closely with the Adapex Client Success team, Voice of Motown saw their impressions double and pageviews and sessions grow, leading to an uplift in RPS (revenue per session) of 70%.  Overall revenue improved +84% as a result.  Coupled with the addition of high CPM videos ads, CPM grew 22%.  Overall numbers across the board are outstanding:

  • Impressions +51%
  • Revenue +84%
  • CPM +22%
  • Pageviews +23%
  • RPS +70%



“We switched over to Adapex last year. We were happy with our revenue with the other company but felt our relationship could have been better. Adapex was able to get everything set up for us quickly.  Additionally, they made some adjustments to our page layout which significantly improved our performance. Our revenue is much higher now than with our previous partner.”

Chad Everson, Web Manager

Satisfied Clients

For years, Adapex has been our trusted partner — their experts are always there for us and feel like a part of our team. I have confidence that their techniques and products will keep our revenues growing strong. Highly recommend!

Dominick Miserandino Former CEO,
Working with Debra and her team has helped our monetization strategy tremendously.  We have a great relationship with Adapex, working together to maximize monetization, identify new incremental revenue opportunities and improve overall ad performance.  Adapex is very easy to work with, responsive and proactive…their technical team is always ready to work with our development team to ensure seamless integration.

We couldn’t find a better partner to work with.

Oren Vardy Co-Founder & Portfolio Manager, Landoc Holdings LTD

We’ve been working with Adapex for a while and they consistently offer great support and present new opportunities to generate more revenue every month.

Sebastien Rozen Co-Founder and CEO, Viewdeos

The entire Adapex team has quickly become key players in our overall revenue optimization strategy. They’re fast, responsive, proactive, and most importantly good at what they do. I am beyond happy I made the decision to make the change to Adapex.

Asad Meah CEO & Founder, Awaken the Greatness Within

“Adapex more than doubled our programmatic revenue year-over-year. This fact speaks for itself; what I would like to call out is the exceptional level of attention and support that they provide to their clients. It would be a true challenge to find a more responsive or knowledgeable team anywhere in the industry.”

Allen Weiss Senior Developer, Sweety High