Debra Fleenor, Adapex President and Founder, Honored as Tech Trailblazer

April 29, 2024

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April 29, 2024

AdMonsters and AdExchanger: Announce Top Women in Media and Ad Tech Honorees

Debra Fleenor, Adapex President and Founder, Honored as Tech Trailblazer

New York, April  2024 – Adapex is thrilled to announce that Debra Fleenor, Founder and President, is a 2024 Top Women in Media and Ad TechHonoree in the category Tech Trailblazers for women blazing the trail in media and ad tech.  

AdExchanger and AdMonsters have announced the 2024 Top Women in Media & Ad Tech Awards honorees, recognizing an elite group of women for their contributions and lasting impact on their brands, organizations, and markets. They represent the diversity and progress within the media and ad tech industry.

“I am honored to be considered a top woman in media as a Tech Trailblazer,” said Debra Fleenor, Founder and President, Adapex. “I am extremely proud of our data solution’s success adapting to changing privacy regulations and technological advancements.  Winning this award is not just about growth; it’s about embracing ethics and privacy in advertising. Adapex is committed to empowering publishers and advertisers with privacy-compliant, first-party data solutions as we navigate a landscape without third-party cookies. Our Magnify™ platform ensures independent publishers thrive in this new era, supporting the free flow of information and democratic discourse. This recognition highlights our dedication to innovation that serves our clients and the greater ecosystem.”

Adapex’s Magnify™ platform enables publishers to utilize their first-party data for targeted advertising across contextual, addressable, and identifiable dimensions. This sets Adapex apart as the sole publisher platform providing comprehensive first-party data solutions. Through our proprietary Magnify™ platform, publishers connected to Adapex can seamlessly offer advertisers access to highly targeted audiences across these three crucial dimensions, leading to tangible revenue increases ranging from 5-20%. 

“Debra’s influence and expertise have been instrumental in our company’s development of cutting-edge data solutions for cookieless environments,” shares Andrew Moskowitz, Chief Revenue Officer, Adapex. “Her strategic initiatives have enabled us to stay ahead of industry trends, including the impending transition from traditional cookies to more privacy-conscious tracking mechanisms.”  

About Adapex

Adapex, recognized by Deloitte as one of North America’s fastest-growing companies, featured in the Inc 5000, and Finacial Times Fastest Growing Companies, is a pioneering force in the ad tech industry. Adapex Inc. is committed to leading publishers into prosperity in the post-cookie landscape through advanced identity and data solutions. Our AI-enhanced technology serves internet publishers, advertisers, and video content owners. The company boasts a remarkable track record, consistently elevating clients’ programmatic revenues by double and triple digits.

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