Navigating the Cookieless Now: Adapex’s Perspective on Google’s Delay

April 24, 2024

As we look ahead in the digital advertising landscape, the shift to a cookieless future is already underway. Surprisingly, a significant portion—around 60-70%—of open market impressions are now non-targetable, resulting in lower CPMs by about 50%. This shift demands immediate action and strategic innovation to ensure sustained success in digital advertising.

Yesterday’s announcement from Google about the delay in cookie deprecation wasn’t unexpected. However, choosing Q4, during the peak holiday season and advertising traffic, raises some challenges. According to a recent survey at an industry event, many expected this delay, with predictions that cookie removal might be pushed to Q1 2025.

While this delay may provide short-term relief for some unprepared companies, it’s clear that Google is navigating this transition carefully. Cookies have been a longstanding component of digital advertising, and their phase-out represents a significant industry shift.

At Adapex, we are committed to addressing these challenges head-on. Our AI-powered first-party data solution, Data Refinery, is proving instrumental in empowering publishers to refine and leverage their data effectively. Notably, our solution is earning our publishers a 5-18% uplift on programmatic revenue using 1P data only—an impressive testament to the power of first-party data in a cookieless environment.

By harnessing advanced AI technology, we enable precise audience segmentation, enhanced targeting capabilities, and improved campaign performance—all while prioritizing user privacy. While cookies may persist longer than anticipated, our focus remains unwavering. We are dedicated to supporting our partners with reliable, privacy-centric solutions that embrace the realities of a cookieless future.

Let’s navigate this transition together, leveraging advancements in data refinement and audience targeting to embrace the opportunities of a cookieless future.

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