2023 Prebid Wrap up

November 29, 2023

The 2023 Prebid Summit was very well done! All the players from Adapex, including our President and Founder Debra Fleenor, were there, proof of our dedication to staying ahead in the industry. The summit was all about teamwork, using data smartly, getting real results, and building trust in advertising.

Here’s the lowdown on what we learned:

  • Teamwork Rules: Quality over quantity was the name of the game. Working together and thinking outside the box helps us make real progress. We need diverse ideas and perspectives to make strategies that last.
  • Data is Gold: First-party data is where it’s at. Knowing your audience inside out helps us create ads that hit the mark.
  • Results Matter: It’s all about what you achieve. Buyers and publishers need to team up and figure out what works, making sure it’s scalable and meaningful.
  • Trust is Key: No lies, no tricks. We’ve got to be honest and transparent. That’s the foundation of a strong advertising world. Everyone wants the real deal.
  • Innovation Rocks: We’re all in this together. By working as a team, being creative, and thinking ahead, we can change the game in advertising. It’s about finding new ways to overcome challenges and grab opportunities.

And speaking of challenges, there are tons of new options out there for publishers. Figuring out the whole third-party cookie situation is a big puzzle. But guess what? Prebid has our back, offering loads of alternative IDs and tools. Adapex is testing out over 20 different ID modules and things are looking promising. Publishers need to dive in fast, experimenting with these new ideas to boost their revenue and stay strong in the digital ad world.

A big shoutout to the organizers and everyone at the event! We have real, practical strategies to tackle what’s coming. The future might throw us some curveballs, but with our determination, creativity, and teamwork, we’re ready to rock it. Here’s to a future full of exciting opportunities and a better advertising world.

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