July 26, 2021

Press Release

IPC’s Patented-Method Allocates Bonus Impressions to Improve Ad Performance and User Experience

New York, NY, July 26, 2021 – Adapex is excited to announce a partnership with IPC Pricing to bring IPC’s patented solution to our publisher partners. IPC Pricing offers a bonus impression optimization solution for the adtech industry.

Adapex offers publishers full ad stack management with our award-winning technology and experienced adops team.  Adapex brings direct deals and premium demand to all publisher partners in the network.  Adapex Direct offers advertisers mass reach, high impact, and real results in one media buy.  The Adapex Network is uniquely positioned to deliver a large-scale audience with over 2 billion monthly visits. 

IPC stands for “impressions per connection” and this patented technology rewards advertisers a number of bonus impressions in real-time each time their ads generate a connection with the audience.  In this way, IPC’s solution rewards advertisers and lowers their effective campaign costs, based on the performance of their ad creatives. The earned bonus impressions deliver on a run-of-site basis, concurrently with existing ad campaigns. IPC’s solution allocates bonus impressions to the best performing ad creatives and delivers publisher control over bonus impression flow. Overall, IPC creates a more valuable experience for publishers, advertisers, and online audiences by empowering users to increase the exposure of better ads. 

Debra Fleener, Adapex President, stated “our partnership with IPC brings an added layer of innovation to help publishers maximize the performance of their media and ‘return on ad ops’.”  “The digital landscape is constantly evolving and it’s our responsibility to stay on top of the latest innovations and find every opportunity for our clients to drive revenue,” adds Fleenor.

“We are thrilled to launch with Adapex, a publisher-side tech leader, to offer our innovative bonus impression optimization solution to improve ad performance for publishers and advertisers and drive better experiences for audiences across the Internet,” said Ari Rosenberg, CEO & Founder of IPC Pricing, “We see growing demand for ad tech solutions that seamlessly add to the value chain rather than simply impose another tax on ad spend flowing from advertisers to publishers.” 

Derrick Horner, CEO of H1 Ventures, an ad tech industry veteran and advisor to IPC Pricing, added: “As we move toward a cookieless ad tech future, fundamentally driven by audience expectations of data privacy, choice, and control, a publisher-side solution that harnesses real-time user feedback through interactions with ads to reward advertisers for ads that actually perform can only improve the overall programmatic ecosystem.  IPC is a transformative solution that could become a universal standard across the industry.”

The companies expect the IPC solution to be available immediately for US publishers.

About Adapex: 

Adapex helps leading US websites maximize their monetization through expert optimization of all programmatic channels and partnerships. From display, video, native, mobile, header bidding, in-app, connected TV and direct deals – you name it, we optimize it, in order to maximize our clients’​ revenues. Find us at: 

About IPC Pricing:

The IPC system automates the allocation of impressions as campaigns run with a patented optimization method that rewards better-performing advertisers with lower effective costs. Find us at

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