Drive CPMs with Rich Media Ad Units

December 3, 2020

Adapex is excited to share our rich media ad units with our publisher partners. These high impact and high viewability units drive CPM increases.  Our publisher partners who are implementing these rich media ad units are seeing exciting uplifts.  According to the IAB, rich media advertisements are defined as those with which users can interact as opposed to solely animation.  Let’s take a look at the formats that our clients are seeing success with.

Sticky Footer

The banner is placed at the bottom of the page, centered from left and right. This format is highly recommended as sticky footer units have exceptionally high viewability ratings.


  1. Enable/Disable Close button


Adhesion Unit

An adhesion banner floats as the user scrolls and is placed in relation to the chosen two cardinal points of the window: top/bottom and left/right. It can be placed anywhere on the page, e.g. bottom left, top-right, top-left. Advertisers love the high viewability of these ad units.


  1. Enable/Disable Close button
  2. The distance from 2 cardinal points (top,bottom/left,right) in pixels



An interstitial unit is an overlay ad displaying on the page. The publisher can control the close timer, opacity, background color, frequency per session, or set it to display every x pageviews. The best practice is to set a high price floor for it so that it displays only high-value ads. This unit has very high viewability and CTR.


  1. Show/Hide Close button
  2. Auto-close timer
  3. Show/Hide Auto-close timer
  4. Background color
  5. Background opacity
  6. Maximum displays per session
  7. Display sequential at a set number of pageviews (e.g.: every 3rd pageview)
  8. First display at a set pageview (e.g.: display first time on 2nd pageview)


Peel Ad

A peel ad is a rich media format that displays in the top right corner. The banner floats as the user scrolls. It is half-hidden and opens up only when the user scrolls over it (or taps on the screen on mobile). Publishers love how this unit is both highly viewable and not intrusive at the same time.


  1. Enable/Disable Close button
  2. The publisher can control it by adding/removing the body tag on the page OR we can just inject the body tag to display it.


Adapex is working closely with our publisher partners to test and implement all rich media ad units through our header bidder wrapper.  We provide the technical expertise to easily implement any of these ad units through our custom wrapper.  We’d love to help you see an uplift in your revenues using rich media formats.  The Adapex team can share our experience with high impact formats and other tactics to drive the metrics that accelerate your revenues.  Reach out today and let’s work together to take your business to a new high in 2021.

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