FinScience Thematic Alternative Data Available on Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point

January 31, 2022

AI helps investors follow 50+ trends, including climate change and telemedicine 

MILAN — January 31, 2022 —  FinScience, the fintech company of the Datrix Group, announced today that Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point, now offers FinScience’s unique Thematic Dataset as part of an alternative data catalog. The dataset enables investors to monitor the trend exposures of thousands of securities. 

FinScience has available data on more than 50 trends — such as vaccines, gender equality, veganism, climate change, hydrogen, telemedicine, space exploration — and their correlated stocks, selected through its AI-based technology, in order to better inform investment decisions to deliver market-beating returns. Thematic investing has garnered increased interest across institutional and active private investors because it identifies macro-level themes that are likely to flourish. 

“Alternative Data will become a primary driver of active investment performance over the next decade,” said Fabrizio Milano d’Aragona, CEO of FinScience and the Datrix group. “We are pleased that Bloomberg’s Alternative Data Catalogue will make our data available to its clients.” 

Under the terms of the deal, FinScience will provide daily alternative metrics that enable investors to gain a concrete overview of the most compelling and hotly debated topics and to understand the effects that news about those topics may have on numerous companies. 

Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point is Bloomberg’s web-based data marketplace that allows Data License clients to easily discover, access, and immediately use high-quality, market-leading content from both Bloomberg and third-party providers. Bloomberg continues to expand its alternative data offering,  allowing Bloomberg clients to access a catalog of curated alternative data, uniquely positioned to provide insights in today’s market environment.

About FinScience

FinScience is the fintech company of the Datrix group. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence proprietary technologies, FinScience translates unstructured information extracted from digital sources (blogs, forums, social networks, …) into actionable data for making decisions on investment themes, sectors, and stocks as well as for managing the associated risks. FinScience’s data improves the actions of Asset Management, Wealth Management, and ESG Management.  Find out more on

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