Google Ad Manager vs. Google Ad Manager 360

July 7, 2022

Adapex supports both versions of Google Ad Manager (GAM) to ensure our publisher partners get the most out of their monetization across every channel, including mobile and app inventory.  Here’s what you need to know.

GAM vs GAM 360

Depending on your impression volume, there are two Google Ad Manager products.  The first, Google Ad Manager, is geared for SME (small medium enterprises) publishers and is also known as Small Business GAM.  This is a free, ready-to-use business advertising solution that can reach audiences across devices.

The second product is Google Ad Manager 360 (GAM 360), also known as Premium, which is geared toward larger publishers.  This is a paid version with a high impression requirement based on geography.

Product Comparison

Differences between Ad
Manager and Ad Manager 360
Ad ManagerAd Manager 360*
Monthly Impression
NoneMinimum fees
AdX/AdSense impressions freeX
Create ‘Teams’ in Ad ManagerX
AdSense Support
AdX Support
Line Item Type PriorityUp to 7Up to 7
Audience: 1st and 3rd partyX (Subject to approval*)
Activity Tracking (Spotlight)X (Subject to approval*)
PPIDX (Subject to approval*)X (Subject to approval)
Exchange BiddingX (Subject to strict approval - limited capacity*)
Forecasting inventoryWorks off sample inventory over the last 28 daysWorks off sample inventory over the last 28 days
Future Sell Through ReportX
Add Creative wrappers to
Levels of ad unit hierarchy25
Data Protection ReportX
Special Ad UnitsX
Data Transfer (Ad Manager log files)X
Sales Management Tab
Video feature✓ (Basic)✓ (Advanced)
vCPM based campaigns
Targeting Presets
Creative level targeting
ViewabilityX (Subject to approval)
Conversion reportingX (Subject to approval*)



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