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August 12, 2020

Strategies to Improve Mobile Revenue

Even with COVID-19 impacting overall media spending, US mobile ad spend is forecast to grow in 2020 and to account for 68% of digital ad spend according to eMarketer.  And in the next few years, this upward trajectory is expected to continue. 

mobile revenue growth

Publishers can be well poised to increase their mobile revenue by adhering to a few best practices.  Here are some strategies that Adapex is employing to help our publisher partners optimize the monetization of their mobile revenue.

  • Have enough Ads.

    But make sure that ads do not occupy more than 30% of the vertical height of the page per the Coalition for Better Ads.

  • Maximize Demand

    • Enable technologies, outstream, and remove blocks 
    • Use Multi-size… allows ad units of different sizes to compete for the same ad position:


multi ad sizes

  • Native ads are less distracting, have higher CTR, and CPMs
    Native Ads

    • Use Interstitials (Google has recently approved the format)
    • Use video outstream, interactive, and other innovative formats to diversify demand stacks and increase user engagement
  • Improve Viewability and Page Speed. Increasing viewability and speed increases CPMs. Viewability is important to advertisers and publishers with 70%+ viewability have a distinct advantage.  Research shows that an ad with >50% viewability can have a 26% lift in CPMs.  Faster page speed also increases viewability, so they go hand in hand.  Here are a few tips for increasing both:

    • Make your ad viewable: 50% in view for 1 second (display) and 2 seconds (video) per IAB standards 

Viewability Standards

    • Use AMP format
    • Enable lazy loading
    • Try page speed insights
    • Build responsive designs
    • Use the right ad sizes, taller ads have better viewability
    • Place ads where viewers are looking, understand where viewers spend their time on your site
    • Implement sticky/adhesion ads

You can use Think with Google Viewability Tools to learn more about viewability and measuring viewability for your ads. 

Adapex is available to help you to maximize the revenue from your mobile inventory.  Our team can help you set up multi-size inventory, lazy loading, responsive ads, placement optimizations, adhesion units, native strategy, and much more.  Now, more than ever, it’s important to be smart with your ad stacks to get the bigger piece of the pie, not only for mobile, but for desktop, video, and in-app as well. 

Reach out today and let’s work together to maximize your revenues.

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