Industry Trends From Programmatic I/O and Advertising Week

October 25, 2022

Adapex was in NYC last week, along with 10,000 of our closest friends in the industry.  We really enjoyed meeting and socializing with so many clients and partners.  There were a few key themes and industry trends on the agendas at both the Programmatic I/O and Advertising Week events.  Let’s break down what this means for publishers.

The Cookieless Future is Here

Whether the conversation was centered around clean rooms, Google PAIRs, AI, or signals, it is clear that the cookieless future is here.  The conversation is now about ensuring data is being handled correctly and smartly.

  • The ultimate goal is to deliver better experiences for users
  • Clearly convey the value of opting in and volunteering data
  • Honestly re-evaluate your data practices

Clean rooms were a hot topic, and discussion around connecting clean rooms with major clean room operators (InfoSum, Liveramp, Snowflake).  But early results are giving marketers and publishers better access to data.

Liveramp Clean Room

Invest in first-party data.  There are multiple benefits for publishers who build their own first-party data operations.  ​​“Using first-party data to inform both advertising and commerce outcomes is going to be the future,” said Daniel Papalia, VP of programmatic revenue and strategy at Dotdash Meredith.

And amidst all the panels, fireside chats, and presentations it is evident that publishers will need multiple solutions and an array of revenue streams, particularly with a threatening recession. 

So while the cookieless future is inevitable, there is still time for testing and figuring out what works best for your site and audience.  But stay vigilant about who you serve and how you make money.

More CTV, Please

Netflix, Disney+, Fox, Magnite, Publica…many of the players in CTV filled the agenda last week.  And CTV is on everyone’s mind. (You may remember our recent blog post, All News is Good News for CTV).  It was mentioned at Advertising Week that the projected ad spend for this medium in 2023 is $58 billion.

The CTV content market is maturing, marketer interest is growing, and competition is growing.  However, measurement and the programmatic future of CTV got a lot of air time.  Marketers want more transparency and better insights (like show-level data).   

Emerging ad tech is opening up advertising revenue streams, particularly in the programmatic space.  There are challenges out there but also rewards.  DIRECTV Advertising shared that they’ve seen a 15%-20% increase from unified auction.

Rinse and Repeat

Some consistent advice coming out of both events was to keep testing, analyzing, optimizing, and evolving.  Consumers are constantly changing how they interact with media and there are always new technologies emerging.  This applies to identity solutions, contextual advertising, AI, data management, revenue streams, user experiences, and site performance.


It is an exciting (and overwhelming) time to be in digital advertising.  There are big shifts coming in the way we target and monetize content and with it big opportunities.  Likewise, with a looming recession.  Many speakers noted that winners are born in recessions.  Adapex will take some time to digest the robust content from both events and what it means for our clients and partners.  But we know that if we all keep talking and working together there are great opportunities ahead.

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