Making Sense of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

August 26, 2019

There are just a few months to go before the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) goes into enforcement. Though many parameters are still not finalized, publishers should be aware and prepared for upcoming changes to consumer privacy regulation across the board.

While privacy laws will vary by state, company size, complexity, enforcement and opt-in data collection, it is recommended that publishers position themselves to meet the requirements of the broadest regulations.  And by doing so will be well positioned to gain a competitive advantage with both readers and advertisers.  

Showing your readers that you are invested in privacy and data protection will build a stronger relationship with your audience that is based on trust and respect. And to your advertisers,  being able to show explicit consent for data processing increases the value of your impressions, and thus, can bring higher CPMs. Programmatic buyers are willing to bid higher on inventory with a consent string.  According to Smart Ad Server, consent drove a 95% increase in impression value post-GDPR.  Lastly, publishers who take a comprehensive approach to compliance will find they are not at risk of breaching any data regulation and are well prepared to ride out whatever comes to the surface.

Consumer Privacy Laws: Prep 101

In order to properly prepare your site for the most stringent of the consumer privacy laws, you should assume that the laws will:

  • apply universally
  • impact the profiling behind automated advertising
  • require explicit consent to data processing
  • invoke maximum penalties with private right to action

The goal of most data privacy regulation is to give consumers more control over their personal data by allowing them to see what is collected and who it is shared with, and to have that data corrected or deleted.  Publishers who can facilitate this process will be doing themselves a big favor.

The lack of clarity and consistency in the emerging laws will be a logistical nightmare, so by assessing your current data practices and putting in solutions to keep your data in order to meet the strictest regulations will prep you for anything that comes down the pike.  And help you avoid any potential hefty fines for noncompliance or issues with your audience.

Adapex will continue to bring you updates on this and other trends to help you make the best decisions for your business.  The bottom line is, publishers who prepare for the strictest regulations will not just be ready for CCPA and other data privacy regulation, but should benefit from stronger audience relationships and higher ad revenues based on specific consent.  Contact us and we’ll make sure you’re compliant and ready to take advantage of the benefits!

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