Orchestrating 2024: The Year of the Publisher

January 2, 2024

As 2024 approaches, it’s time for publishers to seize control of their data strategy and capitalize on audience value. Adapex designates 2024 as the year of the publisher, emphasizing the need to own and optimize audience data. Here are key insights and actions. 

IAB 2024 Outlook and Data Strategy

The IAB sheds light on ad spend, growth opportunities, and strategies for 2024. Not surprisingly, ad placements with publishers who have first-party data are the top priority for buyers. 

Encouragingly, buyers plan to increase ad spend in 2024.

Google’s Guide to Cookie Phase Out 

Google announces Chrome’s plan to disable cookies for 1% of users in Q1 2024, escalating to 100% by Q3. Publishers must act now. Google’s developer report outlines timelines and recommended actions to prepare for this shift but here is a quick summary. 

Preparing for Third-Party Cookie Phase Out 

Audit Your Usage: 

Identify SameSite=None cookies in your code and review changes since 2020 using Chrome DevTools. 

Test for Breakage: 

Simulate the future by enabling the –test-third-party-cookie-phaseout flag in Chrome or via chrome://flags. Conduct side-by-side tests to identify and report issues. 

Explore Alternatives: 

Consider CHIPS, Related Website Sets (RWS), or migrate to Privacy Sandbox APIs based on your use cases.

Preserving User Experiences: 

Certain scenarios necessitate a longer transition. Google will implement temporary heuristics, identifying and extending cookie access for specific cases. 

Reporting Issues and Seeking Help: 

Utilize Google’s breakage tracker and developer support repo with the “third-party cookie deprecation” tag to report issues and seek assistance. 

Getting Your Data Strategy In Order 

This shift presents a monumental opportunity for publishers. Identity solutions are working, offering publishers the knowledge and agency to redefine advertising rules. Rich first-party data, scaled across publishers, provides immense power. Publishers can tap into data partners’ infrastructures, deploying privacy-compliant segments for targeted advertising. 


In the dynamic programmatic landscape of 2024, publishers can thrive by adopting innovative strategies. Implementing identity solutions, collaborating with trusted providers, testing multiple options, leveraging first-party data, and integrating contextual targeting with identity context are key steps. This paradigm shift empowers publishers to navigate a cookieless world successfully, offering personalized experiences while respecting user privacy. 

Adapex is committed to safeguarding and significantly boosting publishers’ revenue through our cutting-edge technology suite. Magnify™, a pivotal component of our suite, allows publishers to monetize efficiently beyond the constraints of third-party cookies. Following its implementation, publishers see a doubling of their unaddressable revenue in a short span. Our primary objective is to bolster publishers and content creators by equipping them with advanced monetization tools, thereby ensuring the long-term sustainability of a free and open web.

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