Trends for 2020

Change is the name of the game in programmatic, and 2020 promises to bring another evolutionary year.  There is so much to talk about, but we wanted to hone it down to the 3 key trends we’ll be prioritizing for the coming year:

Privacy, Consent, and Data, and Creative Cookieless Targeting

GDPR, CCPA, Crumbling cookies all around…

With regulatory changes around privacy and consent, we will all have to make creative shifts away from 3rd party data and into alternatives, such as shared IDs, 2nd party data, identity resolution, contextual targeting, and AI-intent-based matching. The dust has yet to settle as the industry navigates the new landscape, but  our early read is that the changes are opening great opportunities for advertisers and publishers alike. SPO and sellers.json are settling in to stay, bringing much needed transparency to the landscape.  Devising solid data strategies will be paramount to success for publishers, advertisers, and even users throughout the coming year.

Continued Growth in PMPs and other Direct Relationships

It’s no longer what you know, but back to who you know (and trust)…

With tracking losing its depth due to all of the above, advertisers will be looking for closer relationships with publishers and publisher pools to build stronger and more trusted relationships.  According to a recent AdMarketer report, ad spending on private marketplaces will surpass open market next year.  Not surprising. Without the ability to rely on 3rd party data, advertisers will need to trust their publisher partners even more, which opens more incentive and opportunities for PMPs and creative direct deals.

Video Going Strong

2020 promises to be a record year…

We have been talking about the coming of video for several years, which makes sense:

  • 85% of all US internet users watched video last year
  • Advertisers love videos to better convey brand messages, so ad spend is on a constant rise

  • Publishers love video thanks to the higher CPMs

Advances in server to server video technology and even more so, growth in OTT/CTV and is shifting large chunks of advertising dollars from linear TV into the connected world. Prepared publishers will reap the revenues across all addressable video content — from desktop, mobile web, native, inapp, OTT, and CTV. 

If you want to discuss these or other ad market trends, and ways to make the most of 2020, please contact us at

We love to chat about anything ad tech, and happy to answer any questions you have.  If you’re interested in a free site audit to check your site’s preparedness, request a free site audit here.  

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