Adapex Launches CTV Sales Division

April 26, 2022

New York, April 26, 2022 –  Adapex Inc is pleased to announce a new CTV initiative to help DRTV advertisers find their audiences as linear and cable viewers increasingly move to the CTV experience.

“Adapex has applied our years of monetization and tech experience to bring a CTV advertising solution to the market,” says Andrew Moskowitz, Chief Revenue Officer, Adapex, Inc. “As linear and cable viewers migrate to CTV, many DRTV advertisers are struggling to effectively reach their audiences.  Adapex is working with major media agencies to help monetize their inventory, and make it readily available to advertisers.”

Through this initiative, Adapex is able to offer advertisers and agencies unique CTV inventory in almost every US TV market.  They have premium CTV inventory of high-quality, vetted distribution channels from some of the top broadcasters. The platform allows advertisers extensive precision targeting that includes many custom variables. Campaign parameters can be set to meet the campaign’s requirements, including viewability, dayparts, and other performance targeting.

Leveraging the Adapex m4 Tech Suite™, Adapex is able to offer advertisers premium CTV video inventory across an exclusively managed inventory or audience extension through direct partnerships with leading apps and platforms. “Our CTV sales division will take care of all of tech and traffic needs,” adds Moskowitz,  “essentially functioning as an in-house traffic department.”  Adapex is excited to be able to this bridge this gap for advertisers looking to diversity their audiences and find the right content and markets to drive better campaign performance.

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