Adapex Selected as Drum Award Finalist

June 4, 2020

Press Release

New York, June 1, 2020 – Adapex is excited to announce that it has been selected as a finalist for a Drum Award in two categories: Best AdOps Team and Best Overall Technology for Programmatic Trading.  The Drum Digital Advertising Awards recognize the very best in adtech and programmatic.

“We are pleased to have our team recognized for our work and to be included among the best in the industry,” said Debra Fleenor, Founder and CEO.  “We are particularly proud of the Custom Header Bidder Wrapper.  We began its development four years ago when prebid was initially launched.  We have been working on improvements since, with input from our publisher partners and optimizations we identified internally.”   

Adapex has seen revenue lifts against all scales of sites with its optimized wrapper.  Partners are seeing a 50-500% revenue increase. The wrapper is unique in that it offers significant custom features that not only increase revenue opportunities but also improve site performance.  The wrapper is designed for easy implementation and ultra-optimization.

The Adapex team has years of experience and expertise in the digital space.  The team is committed to helping clients grow and maximize their revenue potential. Inspired by collaboration, innovation, and accountability, Adapex brings together cutting edge technology and experienced ad ops consultants.  “Having each member of the team invested in the business and their role in helping the company achieve our growth goals,” explains Fleenor, “is the key to our success.”

About Adapex

Founded in 2013, Adapex was built with a publisher-first philosophy “By the publisher and for the publisher”.  Adapex was one of the first companies to dig into advertising operations and partner with publishers to streamline and simplify monetization.  They work with top publishers to maximize revenue while protecting the user experience.



Debra Fleenor, Founder and CEO

Joanie Berkery, Marketing Director


Andrew Moskowitz, Business Development



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