All eyes are on Q4 and recouping revenue lost due to COVID-19.  Adapex is seeing an uptick in our verticals, though it still varies from week to week.  But we working with all of our publisher partners to optimize their monetization efforts to accelerate revenue in the coming months.

Digital Ad Spend Holds

Magna reports that digital ad spend has proved to be resilient amidst the turmoil of 2020.  And while growth wasn’t as high as originally forecast,  a +5.7% growth in digital ad sales is still expected.   Overall ad spend in all mediums will be buoyed by the presidential election in the US, but digital’s resilience is due to four factors:

  • Huge rise in consumption
  • Acceleration of e-commerce
  • Marketers choosing lower-funnel tactics (direct response)
  • Uptick in Small Business spending

Adapex CPM Analysis Week of September 14

This week, Finance (+17%), Travel (+8%), and News (+1%) saw increased CPMs, while Health dipped 11%.  So still a bit of fluctuation week to week, but improved CPMs overall and we’ll take that.

CPM Analysis 9.14

Onward and Upward

Adapex has an eye on Q4 and positioning our publisher partners to reap the rewards of this season of increased ad spending.  There are simple things you can do to assure your site is ready to accelerate revenues and optimize your monetization.  

  • Make sure your Ad Stack is ready by increasing demand
  • Optimize your ad units and viewability for increased CPMs
  • Add Video.  There is high demand for video units
  • Improve trust and transparency.  Check your CMP and Privacy compliance settings.

Working with a professional ad ops team can help.  Adapex has the expertise and experience to accelerate your revenue.  Our client saw almost 200% growth in their revenues.  If that sounds good to you, let’s work together to maximize your monetization.  Sign up here and let’s get to work growing your business.

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