In-App Monetization Strategies

August 19, 2020

Following up on our article on growing your mobile revenue, let’s take a look at in-app monetization and tips for maximizing these revenues.  Valued at $106.27 billion in 2018, the global mobile application market size is projected to grow to $407.31 billion by 2026.  And eMarketer estimates that US adults will spend, on average, more than 4 hours with mobile internet, with 88% of that time within apps.  Without a doubt, there is an opportunity to capitalize on this growing segment.

Mobile Usage In-App

Best Practices for In-App Monetization

As for any programmatic strategy, getting the most of your in-app monetization requires adhering to a few best practices and optimizing your user experience.  You’re familiar with many of these because they can be applied to any inventory source but it’s important to understand how to apply these standards specifically to your in-app strategy.  

  • Implement an in-app Header Bidding Strategy
    • Increased competition delivers higher yield
    • According to PubMatic, mobile header bidding grew 20% over last year, primarily driven by in-app

in-app header bidding

  • Mix Ad Units
    • Evaluate the performance of your ad units and consider banners, interstitial ads, and video. 
    • Mixing video and display ads for 300×250 ad units boosts both fill rate and eCPM
  • Measure Viewability
    • Demand for viewable mobile inventory is growing
    • Make sure you implement an Open Measurement SDK 
  • Populate Important Parameters in Ad Request
    • App bundle, app store URL, advertising ID (IDFA or GAID), user gender, age, keywords, location (country, postal code, and GPS-based lat/long), and device info (OS, make, and model)
    • Having above included in ad request makes inventory more desirable
  • Improve Transparency
    • Adopt app-ads.txt to combat ad fraud
  • Put a CMP in Place
    • To assure compliance with privacy regulations, make sure your CMP is properly implemented for mobile in-app

Adapex can help.  Our team has the experience and technology to help you maximize your in-app revenues.  We work with our publisher partners to evaluate their inventory and optimize to increase CPMs and improve monetization.  Reach out today and let’s discuss your in-app strategy and revenue goals.

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