Insights from Mobile Web Congress 2022

March 8, 2022

Mobile Web Congress 2022

The Adapex team was on-site in Barcelona for the 2022 Mobile Web Congress.  This year’s conference returned to an in-person event (with a virtual component) and featured seven exhibit halls and over 60,000 attendees.  “Connectivity Unleashed” was the theme and many major brands debuted new product launches for handhelds, wearables, tablets, and laptops.  

Executives from some of the leading companies covered everything from 5G, AI, Edge computing, Blockchain, analytics, robotics, and automation, and the Metaverse, of course. A host of new consumer tech products were launched by brands such as Honor, Huawei, Lenovo, TCL, and Samsung.  

Here are the coolest products we saw, and some key insights from the show. 

5G is Here

No surprise that there was a lot of conversation around 5G.  In his keynote, GSMA director general Mats Granryd emphasized the need for authorities to release timely and affordably-priced spectrum to stimulate sustainable growth of 5G and the transformative use cases it will support.  

And from the latest GSMA Global Mobile Economy Report, it was forecast by the end of 2025, 5G will account for around a quarter of all mobile connections, and more than two in five people worldwide will live within reach of a 5G network.  But there is still work to be done to connect the 41% of the global population not using mobile internet.

Advancing AI

We heard plenty of conversations around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the transformative impact it will have.  Including an insightful debate on how the industry can keep on developing AI in a safe and ethical way without killing innovation.  As well as how the telecom industry is increasingly utilizing the benefits of AI to enhance the customer experience and streamline processes.  

Internet of Everything

The suite of connected devices is growing with over 40 billion devices and smart technologies in the market.  This opens up a transformation of physical spaces. Homes, offices, cities, factories, and public spaces are all changing and there are now more tools than ever to support this effort.

Mobile Monetization

With the size of the MWC, we barely scratched the surface of the show.  But we really enjoyed the networking and seeing friends and partners. And the dynamic growth and relevance of the mobile ecosystem are incredible…new technologies, devices, improved connectivity.

Adapex is excited for what the mobile future holds, including the opportunities that artificial intelligence and data-driven tools will bring.  As we track the growth of mobile opportunities we are particularly excited about our true in-app header bidding solution bringing our early adopters 60-200% revenue uplifts in a short period of time. As the mobile segment expands, we are growing our technology offerings to ensure our partners are capitalizing on every opportunity.

A great piece from Forbes on How to Monetize your Mobile Apps offers some valuable insight into mobile monetization strategies.  Adapex is here to help as well.  We work with over 40 demand partners and every ad format to help app publishers drive revenue.  And we’re invested in making sure we are on top of industry trends to anticipate future challenges so that as the landscape evolves, our tech and expertise do as well.   

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