Q4 CPMs Worth Waiting For

October 30, 2020

It’s Friday and we are winding down the week and the month.  There’s a lot of focus on Q4, for good reason, and we are one month in.  How are things looking for your business?  Adapex publisher partners are seeing a 14% increase in CPMs WoW with a steady lift across most verticals for the month.

CPMs +14% WoW, Mobile Strong, Finance Strong

A strong mobile market is helping to drive CPMs, but overall CPMs are strong across the board for all devices and verticals.  The Finance and Health categories have had an active week with increases of +46% and +10% respectively.


IAB Reports Advertising in News Benefits Brands

A new report from IAB shows a halo effect for brands advertising in news content, regardless of the topic, even controversial ones. 

  •  84% of News consumers feel that advertising within the News either increases Brand Trust or maintains it
  •  47% of News consumers find Brands that advertise in the News to be more customer-focused
  • 45% find News advertisers to be more innovative

Publishers should continue to stay true to their news content development.  The IAB report shows that ad placements in News bring value, trust, and positive attributes to the brand.  

CPMs in the News vertical took a big hit when COVID peaked and marketers blocked much of the related content.  Adapex saw our News CPMs dip in Q2 but have been steadily increasing since.  Last week saw a +12% increase, though it has stabilized this week.

Q4 Publisher Insights

  • Continue to optimize for viewability as there is a direct correlation to CPMs.
  • Increase competition for your inventory with smart header bidding. Audit your wrapper performance.
  • Update consent on your site.  Trust and transparency with your user improve the value of your inventory.
  • Optimize your content for Holiday marketing dollars.  Advertisers are interested in electronics, food & drink, sports, and fashion & style.

Working with a dedicated adops team can bring valuable experience, technique, and technology to your monetization strategy.  Adapex works with our publisher partners to do just that and our clients are seeing exciting results with the implementation of our new custom wrapper.  All are seeing CPM lifts of 32-175%.  Isn’t it time to accelerate your revenues?  Sign up today.

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