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May 17, 2022

It’s been a while since we talked about AMP and there have been some updates on Google’s end that have made AMP more flexible and advanced, canceling out some of the original arguments against it. 

Refresher: What is AMP?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source library that provides a straightforward way to create web pages that load nearly instantaneously for mobile users.  AMP builds on your existing framework and lends flexibility and customization to all layouts and functions.  


The biggest benefit to AMP is its user-focused application that loads mobile pages quickly.  

  • Mobile pages load instantly
    • Median load time for an AMP page is 0.7 seconds
  • Google pre-renders pages before user visits
  • Faster page speed improves rankings
  • Users get immediate delivery of information they are looking for
  • Increasing engagement and interest in your site

Mixed Reviews

There are critics of AMP, mostly on the technical configurations and Google’s involvement.  The AMP project has addressed many of the technical concerns and added additional design components.  The biggest is allowing the use of JavaScript. 

On the other hand, one of the greatest advantages of AMP was the preferential treatment of AMP sites in Google search results.  However, with the introduction of Google’s Core Web Vitals, Google has shifted its focus there and now gives preferential treatment to sites with high Core Web Vital scores, whether they are AMP or not.

AMP Monetization

With Prebid server-to-server technology, header bidding networks are running strong and delivering competitive CPMs.  When AMP was first introduced it did not support header bidding and publishers struggled with their CMPs.  This is not the case now, and we are seeing a significant uplift in CPMs when adding in header bidding networks. 

With the explosive growth in mobile advertising and consumption of mobile apps and games, Adapex launched a fully functioning in-app header bidder solution in 2019 to optimize yield for this channel. We have been optimizing over the past few years to steadily drive up performance.  New publishers introducing this tech are seeing revenue uplifts of 60-200% in a short period of time.


Many of the issues driving mixed reviews for AMP among the publishing community have been addressed.  AMP pages do load faster, improving the user experience and thus CPMs.  The developmental and implementation hurdles have also been fixed and navigation, forms, and analytics components have been added.

However, AMP is just one of many ways to capitalize on the growing mobile market.  Adapex has many publishers using AMP and is happy to share our experience with you.  We also have header bidding solutions for every channel which are proving to be game-changers, driving double- and triple-digit revenue increases. We offer these solutions through our award-winning m4 Tech Suite™ which has over 50 custom features that drive revenue and optimize sites for Core Web Vital scores. 

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