On the Road to Recovery

May 29, 2020

It’s time again to see what’s happening with ad spend and CPMs this week, and we have good news to share.  Winding down May and looking into June it definitely feels as though the darkest days may be behind us.  Shelter in place restrictions are easing, stimulus checks have been received, and summer is coming.  And, advertisers have pivoted their messaging and are making plans for moving ahead.

On the ad spend front, eMarketer is revising it’s 2020 digital spend projections for the second half of the year.  We look forward to analyzing this data in our next round up.  

The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For

In the meantime, we have an initial glimpse at when advertisers expect to resume and ramp up US digital ad spend.  Note that responses are based on advertisers who paused or canceled campaigns in March and are anticipating their return to the market.  We’ll be keeping a close eye on June and remaining hopeful.

These numbers are consistent with an Advertiser’s Perceptions analysis we reported on in early May.  Though a greater percentage of respondents are anticipating resuming campaigns in June versus later in Q2 in this current survey.  But projected trends for a stronger 2H of the year are consistent.

when buyers expect to increase ad spend

Adapex CPM Trend – Week of May 25

Great news from Adapex on CPM trends for the week.  We see overall CPMs are up for the month of May driven by a strong uptick in Mobile CPMs.  We are also seeing strong growth in three categories for the month with Travel up 38%, News up 17%, and Health up 13% vs April.  This is exciting news, especially in light of a newly released IAB report that showed an overall expected -16% dip in CPMs for 2020.  These upticks are encouraging and suggest that we have demonstrated some resiliency during this time.  It’s been tough, but hats off to all for hanging in there

CPM Analysis 5.25.20

Staying Ready

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.  Adapex is working with our publisher partners to stay ready for the pent up demand to come.  All industry conversations suggest it will. Consumers are online and still spending there.  Marketers have figured out how to talk to their consumers in this new environment.  Advertising will follow.

We’re helping our publishers clean house and getting their adops in order, testing settings for refresh, floor strategies, viewability, and making sure inventory is as valuable as possible.  The current situation remains that high consumption has meant lots of supply, but at least demand is starting to pick up.  Adapex is always here to help and talk about anything that impacts your business.  Reach out anytime

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