Global Mobile Ad Spend Skyrocketing

August 21, 2020

While the advertising industry is still navigating fluctuations in spending due to COVID-19, global mobile ad spending grew 71% over last year, according to a Pubmatic report.And this segment is expected to continue to grow as mobile usage soars.  Adapex is seeing strong mobile CPMs and working with our publisher partners to accelerate their mobile and in-app revenues to capitalize on this growth.  

Adapex CPM Analysis Week of August 20th

Another strong week for our Adapex partners with Health (+24%), News (+6%), and Travel (+4%) verticals up WoW.  Also strong CPMs for Mobile which are higher than this time last year.

CPM Analysis 8.21

Mobile Revenue Growth Trends

Pubmatic’s analysis of Q2 global mobile spending identified a few key trends for publishers and advertisers.  With consumer mobile usage growing, marketers are focusing their investments on this medium.

  • Mobile Ad Spend Grows

Mobile Ad Spend

  • Publishers Implement Anti-Fraud Measures to Boost Revenues

Ad Fraud

  • In-App Engagement Surges and Diversifies

in-app usage

  • Spending Shifts to Mobile Video

Ad Spend diversification

Grow Your Mobile Revenues

Adapex is working with our publisher partners to accelerate mobile revenue growth with best-in-class programmatic strategies.  We identified best practices for in-app and mobile growth in earlier blog posts.  Below are just a few of the tactics we discussed to help maximize your mobile and in-app revenues:

  • Mobile Header Bidding strategy
  • Anti-fraud initiatives
    • App-ads.tex
  • Improve viewability
    • Adhere to IAB standards
  • Enable lazy loading
  • Utilize multi-size ads and various Ad units

Let’s work together to accelerate your revenues and optimize your site for Q4, mobile growth, and in-app monetization.  Adapex has the tools and experience to skyrocket your revenues.  Contact us to get started.

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