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October 27, 2021

All eyes are on Q4.  And for good reason, now is the time to make up for the slower months and capitalize on increased ad spend.  It’s an important time of year to make sure your systems are primed to maximize your revenue and make sure that you get the revenue boost you expect.

We’ve published two primers with general tips for boosting revenue in Q4 but in this post, we’re going to focus specifically on header bidding. And how to get more from your header bidding solution.  By now, most publishers have a hybrid approach and Prebid set up (and if you don’t you should!).   Once that’s in place and the set-up is right, you can take advantage of your wrapper features to really boost performance.

Use Custom Features

Make sure you are utilizing all the available features of your wrapper.  These sophisticated features should be easily implemented and can really drive up your revenue.  

Game-Changing Settings:

  • Smart Auto Refresh – increases ad volume and can improve viewability and fill, leading to increased revenue
    • Determine which Smart refresh variable works best for your site.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution. 
    • Test Timed, Viewable, Focus, or Maximum refresh settings
  • Lazy Loading – increases page loading speed and also improves viewability ratings. Helps LCP rating, important for maintaining strong Core Web Vital scores.
    • Prioritizing what loads and when is key. Lazy loading allows loading images at the exact moment when users scroll so loading speed is not compromised
  • Dynamic Ads Insertion – injects an ad onto a specific location on the page
  • Sticky footer – this unit boosts viewability and CPMs
  • Device detection – automatically sends the properly sized ad units
  • Rich Media Formats – these ad units are high impact and command strong CPMs

Diversify Your Stack

Bring as many bidders as you can to the table.  A smart header bidding solution is diversified and can be used for video, Native, in-app, and even AMP.  This will drive up demand, boost performance, and enrich your ad experience.

Test, Analyze, Optimize…Skyrocket!

Keep up with the updates to Prebid versions and adapters.  Use your data to test, analyze and optimize performance.  Look at key metrics to provide the best user experience and increase yield. Understanding the performance bidders gives you insight into the value of your demand partners and how content drives demand.  

Use your on-page wrapper console to track your data in real-time. From there you can easily analyze and then optimize for your site.  These optimizations can really skyrocket your revenue. 


  • Timeouts
  • Bid load time
  • eCPM
  • Bid rate
  • Win rate


Header bidding drives revenue, but smarter header bidding will take it to the next level.  Not just during Q4 when demand peaks, but also in the slower quarters of the year.  So make sure you are really using every aspect of your header bidding solution to optimize your monetization. Though the technology can be complex,  it’s extremely important to stay on top of advancements and updates.

And of course, implementing a comprehensive technology solution that includes all the components you need (analytics, sophisticated wrapper, on-page data console, and identity axis) is the real game-changer. To take your header bidding to the next level it’s important to have these components at your fingertips.  Our m4 Tech Suite™ is sophisticated, yet easily implemented and gives you all the tools you need to accelerate your earnings. We’d love to give you a free demo and show you how our revolutionary suite can grow your business by double, or even triple digits.  

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