Drive Holiday Revenue

November 28, 2022

There is still plenty of time to grab Holiday ad spend and improve your CPMs to drive revenue.  Now that the Holiday season is here, get ready to maximize monetization for your content.  And remember, the peak is weeks, not days.

Digital Ad Spending

Despite talk of declining ad spend and economic slowdown, this is not actually the case for digital advertising and CTV. According to eMarketer, US Digital ad spend has grown this year and this is expected to continue as we head into Q4 and the peak spending period.  (TV numbers shown below are driven by a decline in linear TV spend.)

Media Ad Spend Growth

Key Dates for the Holiday Season

While there is heightened interest in deals all season long, there are concentrated periods with high consumer demand like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are a few of the key shopping dates for the holiday season.  

Site Performance is Key

Delivering a good experience to your user is important, so stay on top of your site’s performance.  A good experience for your users translates to stronger ad revenue.

  • Optimize your site to make sure page speed is good
  • Optimize your content by analyzing how your users are engaging with it
    • Follow seasonal trends and storylines
  • Improve viewability, and improve CPMs  
  • Audit your wrapper performance and make continuing optimizations.  Make certain you are following best practices.
  • Review price floors and block lists


It’s a good time to reset your PMP strategy to get holiday spend and also new revenue in 2023.

  • Package your inventory for your preferred buyers
  • Test different PMP packages

Monetization Every Channel

Make sure you are monetizing across all channels and all formats.  Header bidding designed specifically for each channel will help you maximize return.

High Demand for CTV

Users have pivoted from paid TV.  According to eMarketer, the number of cord-cutters and cord-nevers will surpass the number of pay TV viewers, reaching 138.1 million versus 129.3 million in 2024.  Ad spend follows the consumer and CTV has captured the audience.  Plus with advances in targeting and measurement, CTV is a big opportunity.  Provide as much data as you can in bid requests to give buyers as much information as possible. 

Make an Identity Connection

The cookieless future is here.  Buyers are testing alternative identity solutions and publishers are too.  Don’t risk losing spend to your competition.  In addition to valuable learning on identity management, publishers are seeing yield improvements and eCPM lifts when using an alternative identifier.  


The year is not over and there is plenty of time to increase your revenue during the holiday season.  Focus on creating quality content and good user experiences and let your tech do the work.  Take advantage of the sophisticated features in your header bidder wrapper to command higher CPMs.  Analyze performance and make adjustments to drive as much revenue as possible.  Test alternative IDs, like Liveramp and ID5, and see what delivers for your site.  Adapex is always here to help, and our award-winning tech is helping our publisher partners prime their sites to drive revenue this holiday season.

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